Changes announced to the World Barista Championships


World Coffee Events (WCE) has announced the evolution of the World Barista Championships (WBC), with the changes coming into effect for next year’s event which is due to be held in Dublin, Ireland.

Announced at the end of last week, definitions have been tweaked slightly and a couple of new technical partners have been announced. As has an exciting looking new espresso machine.

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Trew Era Cafe: A Brand new enterprise?


London is proliferated with coffee shops. From cheap and cheerful cafes through to third wave ventures designed for those who like to wax lyrical about the sovereignty of origin, the English capital has it all. And now there’s a new coffee shop in town and it’s been generating headlines left, right and centre.

The New Era housing estate probably won’t become East London’s trendiest hotspot any time soon. It could have been though. Plans were afoot to gentrify the area; to raise rental prices and try and draw in prosperous clientele to the area. But those plans failed. So it seems that this run-down area of London has become home to one of the country’s most talked about coffee shops.

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Hilite Group and Beans and Flavours anounce expansion plans


The domestic Indian coffee market is one that we like to keep a trained eye upon as we believe it is one of the most diverse and intriguing national sectors around.

With a population of over a billion people and some of the most vibrant cities in the world, the nation is slowly but surely taking to the ‘western’ coffee culture that many of us are normally familiar with. But that transition hasn’t been smooth, nor has it been easy – as many of the global giants have found out to their detriment in recent years.

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Indonesia expecting a bumper coffee harvest

Free coffee

If you like your Indonesian coffees then we expect you to be doing cartwheels and bouncing off walls at the news that farmers in the country are predicting a bumper crop this season thanks to some recent wet weather.

The archipelago nation is one of the world’s biggest producers of coffee and produces everything from cheap and resilient Robusta through to some exceptionally fine Arabicas that command top dollar at market.

Estimates published in The Jakarta Globe put this year’s haul at a potential 650,000 metric tons, a rise of 18% from the 550,000 tons that was collected last year. If true, this would represent the largest harvest the country has seen, surpassing the record 630,000 ton crop of 2009-10 and 2012-13.

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Hawaiian Coffee bill quashed


Six weeks ago we asked you a simple question: “How Hawaiian is Hawaiian coffee?

The answer actually shocked a few people as we revealed that under current legislation as little as 10% of Kona Coffee has to come from Hawaii’s Big Island for it to be legally packaged and sold as Kona coffee. Unsurprisingly, there was a movement to try and up that percentage and get the current law changed.

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Wetherspoon to cut coffee prices in a bid to boost profits

coffee beans

Is there a new coffee price war about to start on Britain’s high streets? The Financial Times certainly thinks so, and that it will be the pub chain JD Wetherspoon that fires the first warning shot in the direction of Starbucks, Costa Coffee and McDonald’s.

With the proliferation of coffee shops in the United Kingdom coming at the expense of local boozers, Wetherspoon must be applauded for diversifying their menus and become a true one size fits all establishment that caters to a diverse range of clients. And because of this shift, they’ve reaped some healthy financial rewards.

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3 arrested for hiding drugs in packs of coffee


Malaysian Police in Sibu believe that they have uncovered and dealt a blow to a complex drugs trafficking syndicate with the arrest of three men earlier this week. It is alleged that the locals, all under the age of twenty, were using instant coffee sachets and packets to transport ecstasy and ketamine around the country.

“The packets were opened and resealed after the powder was mixed with the instant coffee mixture,” said Martin Koo, the Deputy Chief of Police.

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New coffee processing plant opens in Gikondo, Rwanda


Many coffee farmers and producers within Rwanda are optimistic that the opening of a new coffee roasting and packaging factory will lead to an upturn in sales and, in turn, an increase in profits.

Located in Gikondo, an area on the outskirts of the capital city Kigali, the brand new establishment was formally opened early this week, with Geraldine Mukeshimana, the Minister for Agriculture, presiding over its inauguration.

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Lavazza unveil a compostable coffee capsule


The topic of coffee pods and capsules has been a hot one in recent weeks. Radio shows have been commissioned to discuss their merits and flaws, numerous articles have been published and the whole issue threatened to go sky-high (and viral) when the man behind their creation, John Sylvan, admitted that he no longer uses his own invention.

There has even been a ‘Kill the K-Cup’ campaign that has gained traction on social media.

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Oahu’s coffee borer quarantine expanded


The islands of Hawaii may be situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, miles away from mainland America, but its picturesque geographical location hasn’t protected its farmers from the dreaded and devastating coffee berry borer, which has plagued coffee growers since the crop was first commercialised.

Last year, the pest spread. An action plan failed to contain the insect and in December the state Department of Agriculture (DoA) admitted that the borer had been found on farms in Waialua, Oahu. These areas were isolated and there was a ban on the transportation of unroasted coffee beans off the island.

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