Coffee that helps you sleep…

Counting Sheep Coffee

The label of the coffee looks rather inconspicuous. There a neat little graphic and the text is nicely arranged and presented in a couple of fonts. The coffee itself is described as either a ‘gourmet roast’ or ‘extra strong’ and, on a first cursory glance it all looks a little run of the mill.

That is however until you take a closer look and realise that Counting Sheep flies in the fact of everything that you know to be true about coffee. It’s a coffee that’s meant to be enjoyed immediately before you settle down for the night and get some shut-eye.

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Coffee Berry Borer spreads to Oahu


Certain coffee growers in the U.S state of Hawaii are familiar with the coffee berry borer after struggling with the invasive pest for the past four years. But despite introducing a new action plan earlier on in the year, the insect has now spread and has begun to settle in previously borer-free areas.

Last Wednesday, the state Department of Agriculture (DoA) confirmed that the borer had been discovered on farms in Waialua, Oahu.

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Coffee reduces threat of Alzheimer’s, further study purports


According to some sets of data, it is predicted that the number of over-65s living in Europe will rise nearly eight percent over the next ten years. Whilst this is news to celebrate (as more and more people are living longer is a good thing), it must also be noted that those who suffer from degenerative diseases will increase in correlation. It’s an outcome that is unfortunately inevitable.

However – as we’re sure that long-time viewers of World Coffee Press and fellow coffee news readers will be aware of – a number of previous studies appear to indicate that a cup of coffee or two could help combat some of those conditions, especially Alzheimer’s.

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Snakes in a Saskatchewan coffee shop


There are some stories here on World Coffee Press that are serious in nature; some are informative and some are downright frivolous. This upcoming report from a Tim Hortons’ shop in Saskatchewan is utterly absurd. Worryingly though it’s true.

The news website CBC Canada is reporting that two males are currently in police custody after they threw a snake over the serving counter.

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Lavazza looking forward to India’s burgeoning love of coffee

Lavazza Logo

When it comes to the blossoming Indian coffee sector, the famous Italian company Lavazza hasn’t been able to rely on brand presence and their heritage to compete in the dogged battle for retail store supremacy. This year, after financial problems and the prospect of an uphill battle against the likes of Starbucks and Café Coffee Day, the Barista chain was finally sold which marked the end of Lavazza’s presence in the world of coffee shops.

However, it is hoped that the presence of their now defunct brand will help them win another war in the country.

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Harris + Hoole post $20m loss


To be brutally honest, it can be hard to understand the Tesco-backed coffee chain Harris + Hoole. On one hand their parent company is actively scaling back their expansion – Tesco closed six stores earlier on this year due to poor trading figures – but they triumphed in the recent European Coffee Awards when they took home the gong for the Best Coffee Chain in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

You would imagine that the Harris + Hoole question could morph into a linger problem that haunts the corridors of Tesco HQ, a bit like the West Lothian Question  is the topical spectre of British politics. The entity is obviously held in high esteem by those industry professionals who voted for the continental awards, but incoming revenue streams are quite hard to come by.

And now Harris + Hoole has recorded another annual loss.

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Indian exports are down, but revenues rise

Kenyan coffee beans

The amount of coffee that India has exported has dropped by around four per cent due to unstable market prices, according to the nation’s Coffee Board.

The total that left the country weighed in at 275,000 tonne, down from the 288,000 that was shipped during the 2013 calendar year. It also represents a dramatic drop from the 312,000 tonnes that India exported just two years ago.

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