12 Coffee Factories Investigated in Myanmar


Twelve separate coffee factories in Myanmar are to be investigated by the national Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as rumours of malpractice and poor standards appear to be blighting the domestic coffee industry.

According to the website Irrawaddy, a joint committee made up of a number of political and trade entities – including the FDA, a consumer protection group, unions and regional development committees – surprised eleven different companies last week with an unannounced visit and inspection.

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Othaya Coffee Theft A Hoax, Police Confirm


A couple of days ago, we looked into a recent spate of coffee thefts that was beginning to blight the Kenyan coffee industry.

Over the past couple of months, processing facilities in a number of important agricultural areas had been targeting, with a substantial value of coffee taken during the raids. And so when the Kagere Coffee Factory was targeted last week, the news garnered national (and international) attention.

200 bags of parchment coffee had been reported as stolen, with a value of some $70,000.

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A Super (Bowl) Sunday In Store For Death Wish Coffee


Super Bowl Sunday is arguably one of the biggest events in the American calendar.

The NFL’s showpiece event draws in humongous television audiences (last year’s game between the New York Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks drew in 114million viewers) as the entire nation tunes in to see who will lift the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy aloft.

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An Inside Job?


Today, we are covering a very worrying news story that concerns the Kenya coffee industry. According to reports that we have seen, a group of armed individuals raided the Kagere Coffee Factory in Othaya, a town about 120-kilometers north of Nairobi.

The thugs left the facility with 200 bags of coffee, valued at nearly $70,000.

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Coffee: Good For Your Heart


Cracking news coffee fans, you can definitely sip your espresso guilt-free as new research indicates that a regular intake of caffeine does not cause heart palpitations.

Actually, instead of sending your heart into overdrive, your coffee is likely to be of benefit to your heart.

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easyJet Flies Into The Coffee Market With easyCoffee

EasyJet EasyCoffee

Sprudge, the respected coffee-centric website, recently announced that the third wave of coffee was dead, replaced by the more accessible new wave movement that mixed artisanship with accessibility.

But should we be embracing ‘air wave’ coffee?

The low-cost airline carrier easyJet is famous for popularising cheap and cheerful airfare in the United Kingdom and Europe, but now the firm has turned its attention to slashing the price of coffee on the British high street.

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Starbucks Revenues Rise But Stocks Fall


Despite posting positive revenue figures, shares in Starbucks slid last week as the market reacted negatively to static projections.

Arguably the most recognisable coffee chain in the world, the company said that its revenue rose by an impressive 12% in its first fiscal quarter to a staggering $5.37 billion.

This was roughly in line with forecasts that had predicted revenue of $5.39 billion.

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KPCU Still Without A Trading Licence


For twelve months now, the Kenya Cooperative Planters Union (KPCU) has been unsuccessful in its attempt to secure a coffee trading licence. Its failure to procure one threatens over 700,000 farmers and is the result of an ongoing dispute that has blighted the coffee industry in Kenya for some time now.

The board has said that its inability to be granted a licence will force its members to deal with an “cartel” of middlemen.

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