Low exports blamed on high taxes in Indonesia


With domestic output shrinking and export taxes increasing, the Indonesian government looks certain to miss their own imposed targets of exporting 450,000 tons of coffee this year.

As Benjamin Franklin once famously noted to Jean-Baptiste Leroy; “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

If the thresholds had been achieved then the Indonesian government would likely have brought in $1.5bn. Instead they’ll have to settle for less, but it will still be a significant sum of money.

Not that everybody is happy about that – especially as lower exports were predicted back at the start of this year.

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McCafe is heading to retail

McCafe Logo

One of the biggest companies vying over the lucrative coffee market is about to enter the similarly ultra-competitive retail sector, it has been announced.

But the question is, would you willingly buy McCafe coffee from your local supermarket or grocery store?

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Illegal instant coffee shipment seized in Malaysia

Instant coffee

After it emerged last week that you might be drinking twigs, dirt and other bits and bobs with your coffee every morning, it turns out that there is indeed a very real risk of buying fake coffee. 

Over the weekend the Malaysian Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has shut down an operation that was distributing fake instant coffee in South East Asia.

According to reports emanating from the Malaysian press, the ministry’s enforcement chief, Suhami Mat Sari, announced that around 40,000 sachets of imitation Tongkat Ali coffee (which features an alluring and inviting hint of ginseng, so we’ve been told) from a number of premises late on Friday.

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99p coffee

99p coffee

How much would you typically be looking to spend on a coffee?

Well, that question is rather opened-ended and the potential answers are numerous.

You could, for example, be content with a beverage that costs a couple of pounds (or dollars), or you could be somebody who sources microlots from rare plantations and pay double or triple that amount.

Or you could be one of those people spending ridiculous amounts of money to get your five seconds of fame after buying an over-sized Frappuccino.

Or you could pay 99p.

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Nestle unveil new Nescafe product line

Nescafe Spoon

The American branch of Nestle is set to launch a new product that they have proclaimed will be a ‘major market innovation’, something that will allow customers to create their own coffee whilst on the go.

“We’re launching a ‘to go’ Nescafe – that you put into water, shake and have RTD coffee,” said Rob Case, Nestle’s president of their US division whilst discussing the product to analysts and investors last week.

“It’s fantastic and will be a major innovation in the market place.”

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Barista Lavazza finally sold

Barista Lavazza Coffee

One of the most famous names in the coffee industry is, finally, pulling out of India.

Lavazza had been enduring a troubled time on the subcontinent but after agreeing to sell their coffee chain Barista Lavazza, they are now free of an entity that has been a heavy millstone around the company’s neck for a good few years now.

The Italian based business will now focus on its core coffee business.

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You might be drinking twigs, earth and coffee every morning


Coffee plus soil?

That lovely cup of coffee you drank this morning which had subtle notes of nut, chocolate and was capped off by an earthy aftertaste and a textured mouthfeel? Well, it turns out that there’s a chance that you’ve been brewing up coffee with a few additional extras in it.

It might have been diluted with soil, twigs and other bits and bobs, for example.

Okay, so we’re pretty sure that this isn’t commonplace at the moment – and if it is we shall shed a couple of tears as our world crashes down around us – but a couple of scientists have begun to develop a way that can identify whether coffee is counterfeit or not.

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Nepalese Tea & Coffee Development Board to split

Nepalese agriculture

Today’s story comes from Kathmandu where it seems that the Nepalese Tea & Coffee Development Board (NTCDB) is about to separate into two entities, each solely concerned with their designated sector.

The decision is in response to the production and sales of both tea and coffee performing well above previous levels and the current prosperity has pushed the government to split the current group.

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Queensland coffee on track


When one thinks of a coffee growing nation, traditional powerhouses such as Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia probably spring to mind. But the coffee belt spans many nations; some are located firmly within the prosperous geographical area whilst others brush against it, forcefully trying to get a piece of the action. One such country that straddles this wondrous ‘belt’ is Australia, and some coffee farmers based in the state of Queensland are beginning their harvest right on time.

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Caffe Bene handed record fine

Caffe Bene

South Korea’s largest coffee chain has been handed a record fine from the Fair Trade Commission after it was found guilty of abusing its power.

Caffe Bene has been making some headlines recently due to their understated expansion into Western markets, but the firm’s bosses will be hoping that this ruling does not impact their attempts to further secure their foothold in and around New York City.

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