KPCU state payments could be missed due to Government enforced elections

nairobi city centre

Payments owed to Kenyan coffee farmers could be in jeopardy due the doubt that is surrounding the Kenya Planters’ Co-operative Union, so say members of the KPCU’s board. The uncertainty, they claim, has been brought about by the sustained calls for fresh elections by members of the local government.

Earlier on this month William Gatei, the Co-operative’s chairman stoically maintained that no fresh vote was needed: “We were given a three year mandate last year… Further, the government has not communicated to us formally,” he said.

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UK company takes delivery of a 600kg roaster

Coffee Beans

Lincoln & York, the British-based coffee roasting company has two reasons to celebrate at the moment: This year marks the twentieth anniversary of their North Lincolnshire headquarters and they have just installed a Brambati drum roaster, which has been stated as being the largest coffee roaster in the United Kingdom.

Weighing in at 600kg the roaster isn’t easily moveable and, now in full working order, it is seen as an investment that will hopefully boost the company’s production capacity by 70%. It’s certainly a good time for Lincoln & York!

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Costa to target the Philippines


You may find it hard to believe, but coffee chains such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks and Costa are still finding plenty of room in North America and Europe – there may be a coffee shop on every street corner but there’s enough space for another one!

Yet whilst the major players in the industry are still focusing upon the Western world, the real battleground for expansion is Asia specifically in the east.

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Jacksonville woos Maxwell House once again


Maxwell House’s coffee plant in the Floridian city of Jacksonville looks set to be given a complete overhaul after the local City Council gave the thumbs up to number of proposed tax incentives for the company which would allow them to invest more money into the ailing facility. 

It is expected that after the decision was passed, Maxwell House will not only look to renovate the plant, but expand it as well.

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Coming soon to Tim Hortons?


The potential future of Tim Hortons coffee has been unveiled, and it could well alter your perceptions of what a coffee shop should be.

Located deep in the heart of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the company’s executives lifted the lid on a whole host of new concept store to store-owners, managers and key partners at a strict invite-only event.

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Hawaii plans a fight back against the borer


It has been a few months since we turned our attention to the island state of Hawaii, the only part of America which grows coffee.

At the turn of the year we reported that farmers on the island were facing a period of uncertainty as the investment firm Lehman Brothers acquired large swathes of land on Ka’u, and were planning to sell it – including parts on which coffee was grown – off.

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Technology is far away at Faraday’s

re-wried coffeeWhat do you do when you’re having a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop? Do you quietly settle down for an hour or so with a book, spend time with friends and gossip time away or do you use this ‘down’ time to browse the internet, use social media to the nth degree and crack on with that pesky assignment?

If you’re in the latter category we suggest that you avoid the Faraday Café in Vancouver.

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After coffee flavoured wine comes cappuccino flavoured crisps

Potato chips

What is it with these summer months that are making everybody go coffee crazy?

We wouldn’t normally complain about such a turn – consider that we absolutely adore the stuff – but there comes a point when you begin to wonder if certain lines have been crossed. The creation of coffee flavoured wine was one, and now there has been another debatable concoction that is set to hit the shelves in the not too distant future

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Beating the sixty-shot Starbucks

Thee Starbucks Cups

The record for creating the biggest and most outlandish drink at Starbucks has been broken. Again.

It wasn’t too long ago that we all lived in a simpler age where people simply grabbed their coffee and either drunk whilst casually skipping down the street humming along to classic 1990s pop songs, or grabbed their cub and became at one with the furniture and stayed rooted in coffee shops to talk about life, love and politics. Those were the days.

Then, one day, everything changed.

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