Inter-Africa Coffee Organisation Meets In Angola


The great and the good of Africa’s coffee industry have gathered together in Angola, to take part in the 55th general assembly of the Inter-Africa Coffee Organisation (IACO).

Held over the course of this week in Angola’s capital Luanda, the event will allow people to analyse current continental coffee policies relating to production, processing and modernisation.

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Losses Double At Harris + Hoole


The most obvious roadblock on the path to expansion is money, or the lack thereof. For the British coffee chain Harris + Hoole finances aren’t necessarily a primary concern. Being part-owned by Tesco allows for some wanton spending.

But only some.

As a result of the chain opening 22 new shops in the past year, losses at the company have doubled. And with Tesco’s latest chief executive being slightly frosty towards the idea of a supermarket-owned chain, is the clock ticking?

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Intelligentsia Face $15m Lawsuit From Former CEO


In a rather strange turn of events, former Intelligentsia President and co-CEO Robert Buono is attempting to sue his former employees as a result of the company’s sale to Peet’s.

Buono helped the company out back in the mid-1990s before re-joining as co-CEO a couple of years ago. He left last year.

According to reports, Buono has stated that when he left Intelligentsia last year, the third-wave coffee chain’s founders couldn’t afford to pay him what he was worth.

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Double Licensing, Price-Fixing And “Potential Conflicts Of Interest”


The Kenyan Government moved quickly to deny claims of widespread price fixing at coffee auctions yesterday but did concede that current licensing systems were negatively affecting the industry.

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Kenya To Double Coffee Production – Again?


Coffee production in Kenya peaked in the late 1980s. A harvest in the 1988-89 growing season topped 129,000 tonnes, but since then, the industry has been in gradual decline. If estimates are to be believed, just 41,000 tonnes will be harvested this year.

Commentators have pointed out that continued mismanagement is to blame, as is the volatility of global coffee prices. 

In a bid to counter this downward and worrying trend, Kenya’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority (AFFA) has released details of a five-year plan which will hopefully double the country’s coffee production by 2020.

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Weak Rupee Good News For Indian Coffee


Last week it was reported that late rains would spell trouble for the Coffee Board of India. After the country experienced something of a prolonged dry spell, the seasonal showers finally arrived but many industry analysts believed the wet weather was too little, too late.

Karnataka, India’s premier coffee growing region, was reporting 20% less rain this year than the annual average, even with the onset of the storms. It wasn’t the news that the Coffee Board wanted, especially after they made some rather bold predictions about how large the harvests would be for the 2015-16 growing season.

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UCDA Closes Facilities in Uganda


Forty-eight coffee processing facilities in the Kayunga District of Uganda have been closed down by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) for either failing to meet the required hygiene standards or for knowingly processing unripe coffee cherries.

The UCDA has also stopped the purchasing of coffee in region, which has drawn the ire of coffee growers, farmers and processors alike.

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Honduras Unveils The Coffee Route


You can take your lazy beach breaks, your extended trips to theme parks and your cultured weekends traipsing around cities because this is the holiday of all holiday.

Honduras, one of the world’s biggest coffee producers and the largest exporters in Central America, has announced the unveiling of a brand new tourist attraction, the Coffee Route.

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Global buyers converge on Rwanda


An eclectic bunch of coffee buyers from the United States, Canada and Australia have been traipsing around Rwanda recently, engaging with local farmers and learning about specific agrarian techniques and initiatives.

Led by David Griswold, the CEO of Sustainable Harvest, the group have taken in tours of plantations and washing stations in the Kayonza District of Rwanda, the country’s most easterly region.

“It has been a spectacular tour,” said Griswold to The New Times earlier this week.

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