A Robotic barista is on show in Japan


Have you ever been into a branded coffee shop or retail store and felt that you were getting robotic service from the staff members?

That could quite literally become the norm if the mechanical future on show at the Japan Robot Week becomes a dystopian reality.

Visitors to a pop-up café at the Kawada Industries stand were treated to a cup of coffee, served to them be a robot barista called Nextage.

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Study shows journalists and media staff sink the most coffee

re-wried coffee

Which profession is most indebted to coffee?

Millions of us get up every morning and have a cup of coffee before we arrive at work, but the industry that you are in could well determine how much caffeine you take on board during the day.

A recent study shows that if you’re a journalist, or work in the media in some capacity, the chance is that you’ll drink more coffee than anybody else.

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It was just like any other day in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

In the local McDonald’s store there was a queue of people patiently waiting to be served in the so called ‘Breakfast rush’. Ron Morais picked up his cup of coffee, paid, and left.

As he made his way through the Canadian town he sipped on his coffee until he reached the dregs.

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Colombia facing a borer outbreak

Coffee plant

“Every day it’s getting worse,” said Pedro Echeverria.

Echeverria is coffee farmer based in the Colombian province of Antioquia and, like so many of his colleagues; he is bracing himself for an influx of insects that could potentially decimate his entire harvest.

A prolonged dry spell combined with consistently high temperatures is threatening to create the perfect environment for the coffee berry borer to prosper.

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Coffee cuts out harmful liver enzymes

Coffee beans

Over the years we have seen, read and reported upon a number of positive health stories pertaining to our favourite drink, coffee. Despite finding numerous different conclusions one thing remains a constant: there’s something wonderful in coffee.

Well we can bring to you the latest piece of research that will further validate your coffee habit.

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Korean coffee chains enjoying life in China


The economy of China has long made the country a prime target for investors and companies who are looking to expand their portfolios and, importantly, their revenue streams. And when it comes to coffee things are no different.

Western giants have seen massive growth in country, with the large, bustling and increasingly wealthy cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou leading the way.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Starbucks leads the way in this department.

But the Seattle-based monoliths of the coffee chain world is increasingly under pressure from traditional Asian chains from South Korea.

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$300,000 for Rwanda through e-trading

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“The fact that our coffee has [at its peak] attracted $81 per kilogramme online should be a signal to all stakeholders, especially farmers to focus on quality along the [whole] supply chain.”

That is what Tony Sanganira, Rwanda’s State Minister for Agriculture, said when news trickled through that the central-east African country racked up just over $300,000 through their online coffee auctions. For the 2014 internet sales twenty-eight lots of coffee went under the hammer, weighing in at 15,200kg.

It represents a bumper haul for the nation who took in just over $225,000 last year.

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Costa to enter the Philippines with Robinsons


Earlier on this year we wrote about Costa Coffee’s ambition of further Southeast Asian expansion.

With strong footholds in the nearby countries of Thailand and Singapore, the Whitbread owned company announced back in July that they were “currently in the stage of doing market research” in relation to a hopeful move to the Philippines.

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Insomnia looks at Britain

Insomnia Coffee

You may think that there is already too much competition on the high street, but customers in the United Kingdom could be further spoilt for choice as news from the Irish press suggests that the Dublin-based coffee chain could be entering the British market.

The first Insomnia branded store could open its doors as early as next year, according to some sources.

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