The Aviator blazer is infused with coffee


What could be better than a new luxury blazer that’s made from premium materials, styled to fit sophisticated men and does all the practical things – like keeping you warm and dry – too?

How about a jacket that is versatile enough to be worn in smart or casual environments and can even eliminate and reduce unwanted odours?

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Boston-based Ministry of Supply has come up with said jacket and at the heart of their latest garment is coffee. Their new Aviator Blazer is made from a type of coffee-infused polyester that is created by recycling coffee grounds.

This fabric harnesses the power of brewed beans and acts as a barrier against nasty smells such as smoke and sweat. But don’t think that you can replicate this by smearing yourself, or your best clothes, in your leftovers: This coffee is specially treated by a complex pharmaceutical process which involves washing the ground coffee in sodium hydroxide which removes the oil and, unfortunately in our opinion, that signature coffee aroma.

When in need of a clean the blazer can be cleaned as normal. And don’t worry; the grounds won’t lose their powers, nor will they seep out of the sealed fabric and stain other items in your weekly wash.

Coffee has long been used as a scent busting compound. Many domestic gurus advocate its use to get rid of smells, with one use for it being in the refrigerator where it stops cross contamination of aromas.

Scientists too have long been promoting coffee as researchers based at the City College of New York found that a material made from coffee can neuter the pungent gas, hydrogen sulphide.

Oh, and if you are wondering why the name of ‘Ministry of Supply’ sounds familiar, that could be because they made some headlines last year when they unveiled some odour-eradicating socks made, in part, from carbonised coffee.

photo: Ministry of Supply 

Nestle to hire robotic sales staff

salesrobot-nestleLast week we reported on the presence of a robotic barista called Nextage who served up coffee for Kawada Industries at the Japanese Robot Week which was recently held in Tokyo.

Visitors to a purpose-built stall used a tablet device to select their drink of choice and whether they would like to customise it or not. Nextage would then set about making it by selecting the coffee, operating the coffee machine and then adding any extra personal items such as the required amount of milk and sugar.

As we noted, it literally brought about a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘robotic service’.

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Coffee ban for Leicester hospitals


During the working day there’s nothing better in our opinion than grabbing a great cup of coffee and then attacking our remaining tasks head on. We don’t believe it is a right to enjoy a hot beverage on occasions during the hours of 9am-5pm, but we believe it is a wonderful tool to aid efficiency.

Unfortunately, it appears that staff at a number of Leicester hospitals will no longer be allowed to sip on a cappuccino or brew a cup of tea whilst on the job.

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$500,000 settlement in new hot coffee case


 A settlement has just been reached in America which will see a New York-based family receive around $500,000 in compensation as a near three year legal wrangle has finally come to an end.

Back in 2012 a young girl, then aged just 14 months, suffered severe first- and second-degree burns over her body when she inadvertently pulled a cup of scolding hot coffee off a Denny’s table.

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Enter the Chestnut Praline Latte

Starbucks Christmas Cup

For the first time in five years Starbucks has rolled out a new holiday-themed drink, and there is already such a buzz about their new offering that we are beginning to contemplate buying some ear muffs and blindfolds.

For better or for worse, at this time of year one drink is synonymous with visits to the local coffee shop. That is, of course, the Pumpkin Spice Latte – or the PSL if you’re down with the times.

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Coffee could impact fertility, study shows


Gentlemen, look away now.

According to some new research released by Massachusetts General Hospital indicates that drinking too much coffee could impact a male fertility.

It was found that men who drank men than two strong cups of coffee a day had just a one in five chance of having successful course of IVF. However, for those who had less than one cup that chance rose to over half.

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Brisbane coffee shop allegedly part of Australian drugs ring


“We’re well aware it’s attractive to criminals to use the cryptocurrencies, and what will happen now is that it will be imaged by our computer experts within the Queensland Police Service and [our] investigations will progress from that.”

That is what Superintendent Mich Niland of Taskforce Maxima said about a digital cash machine that has cast aspersions on a long standing coffee shop in Brisbane, Australia.

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A Robotic barista is on show in Japan


Have you ever been into a branded coffee shop or retail store and felt that you were getting robotic service from the staff members?

That could quite literally become the norm if the mechanical future on show at the Japan Robot Week becomes a dystopian reality.

Visitors to a pop-up café at the Kawada Industries stand were treated to a cup of coffee, served to them be a robot barista called Nextage.

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Study shows journalists and media staff sink the most coffee

re-wried coffee

Which profession is most indebted to coffee?

Millions of us get up every morning and have a cup of coffee before we arrive at work, but the industry that you are in could well determine how much caffeine you take on board during the day.

A recent study shows that if you’re a journalist, or work in the media in some capacity, the chance is that you’ll drink more coffee than anybody else.

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It was just like any other day in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

In the local McDonald’s store there was a queue of people patiently waiting to be served in the so called ‘Breakfast rush’. Ron Morais picked up his cup of coffee, paid, and left.

As he made his way through the Canadian town he sipped on his coffee until he reached the dregs.

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