Coffee drinkers are ‘more fun’ and earn more

Coffee Smile

Over the years we have heard many parallels drawn between coffee and tea and the people that drink them. People who like coffee are purists (whether that is natural or manufactured purism we shall let you decide) while people who prefer tea have certain standards and can be quite fussy.  But a new study has settled the debate, albeit it financially, about what your drink of choice says about you.

And if you pick a latte over loose leaf tea you’ll certainly like the results.

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Legal threat in California over ‘coffee causing cancer’

Coffee Beans

One American non-profit organisation is attempting to change the way that some of the biggest coffee companies in the world label their products.

Based in California, the Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT) wants people who sell coffee products to state that because their goods contain a carcinogen, customers need to be informed about the potential health risks.

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Adding butter to coffee isn’t a recent invention, it appears


I’m sure that you have heard about Bulletproof® Coffee, the drink that really isn’t a drink but is one part of a wider ‘lifestyle’ brand that promotes weight loss and increased cognitive functions.

As the story goes, Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, learned about the “power of butter” in hot drinks when climbing Mount Kailash in Tibet and was given a cup of yak butter tea.

We imagine at this moment that the discovery was played out in a comical cartoon fashion that featured lots of cogs whirring before he ran out into the snow shouting ‘Eureka!’

As he explains: “[I] was literally rejuvenated…This bio-hacker in me asked, ‘why?’”

Well, he apparently found the ‘why?’ out and released his product after some time spent tinkering.

But he may have been beaten by a few hundred years, as Susan Wong explains for Kenya’s Capital FM. The writer says that the trend of adding butter to coffee has been practiced in Ethiopia for absolutely ages.

Despite the well-loved and often quoted story of Kaldi, the Ethiopian goat-herder who allegedly discovered the coffee beans, many historians actually believe that beans were initially chewed long before anybody decided to create what we’d class as an espresso.

According to the academics coffee beans were likely to be ground and mixed with a form of clarified butter known as niter kibbeh.

(Niter kibbeh is very similar to ghee, the most prominent type of clarified butter that is especially popular on the subcontinent. The main difference is that spices – and perhaps coffee! –was added to it)

From this a thick paste was formed which was then shaped into easily transportable shapes so that people could consume them as and when was required, generally on long journeys across the mountainous terrain.

This tradition is still ongoing to this very day, with Wong stating that it remains a prevalent practice in the Sidamo and Kaffa regions of Ethiopia. 

photo: Pseph (Flickr), Creative Commons

Starbucks to take control of their Japanese operations

Starbucks in Sydney

Earlier on this year the American coffee giant Starbucks reported a staggering 18th consecutive quarter of a 5% plus increase in same-store sales as well as a near quarter (23% to be exact) rise in earnings.

Now after those incredible figures, the Seattle-based chain is growing once against.

Starbucks is planning on taking full ownership of their Japanese operations in a $900 million deal that will see the company fully oversee their own future in their second largest market.

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Public servant pins absences on soy milk coffee breaks


Our attention has been brought to the story of a coffee lover who claimed she had to have extensive sojourns during the working day in order to find a certain type of drink.

It transpires that Pardeep Sidhu, a public servant working in the Australian capital of Canberra, fell into trouble over her erratic time keeping and tried saying that some of the elongated breaks were because she had to find a coffee shop or café that served organic coffee with soy milk.

We do like our coffee, but that’s a step too far – isn’t it?

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Ban Costa Coffee in hospitals, says Doctor

Costa Coffee Cup

In the unfortunate event that you are visiting a friend or relative in hospital, many people like to take the opportunity to grab a cup a coffee at some point during their stay. But a Bristolian consultant who specialises in weight loss has called for a complete ban of coffee shops which offers ‘sugar-laden’ drinks, cakes and confections from hospitals.

Dr Sally Norton, who splits her time between the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Southend Hospital, said: “We read every week, in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) and other leading medical journals, of research detailing the perils of sugar and fizzy drinks.”

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Climate change set to cause coffee problems

Heavy sun

Climate change was through to affect coffee very gradually, but some shocking situations are being reported as a result of really drastic, chaotic changes, such as very little or too much rain.”

That is what Peter Baker, of the Centre of Agricultural Bioscience International (CABI), said last weekend whilst delivering a speech to the 25th annual International Conference of Coffee Science.

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The future of Mondelez’s beverage systems


Mondelez International have come out and stated that offering a large amount of hot and cold beverage will be central to their future growth strategies within Europe, despite merging with and incorporating D.E Master Blenders’ portfolio.

“We already have over 90 drinks and we believe there is a market for more. Watch this space,” Roland Weening, the coffee president of Mondelez Europe, said to Reuters.

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Central Perk – The next big UK franchise?

Central Perk

The theme tune is iconic; the re-runs are never ending and even now, a decade later, we’re glad that Rachel got off the plane. If one television show captured the spirit of the 1990s and the new millenium it was Friends.

Now, some twenty years after the show was first broadcast, one of the programme’s ‘central’ locations is enjoying a new lease of life in the United Kingdom.

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