Central Perk – The next big UK franchise?

Central Perk

The theme tune is iconic; the re-runs are never ending and even now, a decade later, we’re glad that Rachel got off the plane. If one television show captured the spirit of the 1990s and the new millenium it was Friends.

Now, some twenty years after the show was first broadcast, one of the programme’s ‘central’ locations is enjoying a new lease of life in the United Kingdom.

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$3.5m fine for ‘botched’ green coffee weight loss study


“Hopelessly flawed” and “botched”, that is how the Federal Trade Commission described a study conducted by Applied Food Sciences (AFS) which purported that their product could help people shed pounds and lose fat.

The Texas, based company initially organised a clinical trial to take place in India four years ago to hopefully find out if green coffee extract was an ingredient that could, potentially, be used in weight loss products.

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Nespresso opens up


People who have been using non-Nespresso branded capsules need worry no more.

After attempting to wrap their machines in a security blanket of patents, regulations and menacingly worded warranties, Nestle, the company behind Europe’s most popular home brewer, has decided to open up their products to third parties.

Under the agreement, which was initially announced last week by French anti-trust regulators, the company will now give competitors at least four months’ notice to any changes that they plan to make. They will also hand over any prototypes for new Nespresso brewers.

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McDonald’s to offer free coffee for a fortnight

McCafe porcelain cup

If you one of the many people who like to start their day off by having a cup of coffee, then McDonald’s might just have a deal for you – but only if you act quickly.

From next Tuesday (September 16th) through America’s National Coffee Day (September 29th), the retailer famed for their golden arches will be offering customers a free (small) coffee during their breakfast trading hours.

Only while stocks last and only at participating restaurants, obviously.

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Costa to debut Old Paradise Street No.3

Costa Coffee

For the first time since their inception in the 1970s Costa Coffee appears to be offering their customers a different type of coffee, the British press report.

When the two brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa opened up a roasting plant in Lambeth, South London, the duo set up an Italian style Mocha blend, which has become their signature taste over the past forty years.

A series of new roasts will be available in some stores from next Friday.

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Coffee’s genome is mapped, could improve the industry

Coffee Genome

What springs to mind when the phrase genetic research is thrown up? Perhaps you think about scientists searching to help find cures for diseases, or maybe the first thing that pops up is the idea of reproducing dinosaurs and creating your very own Jurassic Park.

But if you prefer your genetic research to be a little bit dark, quite bold and piping hot, you’ll be excited to know that scientists have deciphered and mapped out the genome of Robusta coffee.

The results may even help improve your cup in the future.

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Coffee stall proprietor pleads guilty to operating a brothel

Java Juggs, Washington

“The business was popular,” said one sworn statement, discussing Carmela Panico’s mini-chain of coffee shops.

But despite serving up an array of espressos, lattes and other coffee based drinks, the Seattle stores were offering a different kind of menu. And after a state investigation and a subsequent guilty plea, Panico, 52, has been told to forfeit some $250,000 and surrender her five coffee stands in the Seattle Area.

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Is Keurig 2.0 cracked?

used coffee capsules

Keurig’s decision to apply DRM to their upcoming 2.0 coffee machines was, originally, met with scepticism. Whilst some quarters may have been happy with the decision to secure their market position, a large opposition immediately presented itself; locking away rival pods and capsules wasn’t warmly met by those in favour of a free market, and the ability to buy cheaper non-brand products.

It was always going to happen though. At some point it would get hacked or circumventing dismissing the idea of digitally managed coffee and reopening everybody to ride the Keurig wave.

That time could be now.

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John Lewis to withdraw complimentary coffee

John Lewis

One of the United Kingdom’s biggest department stores has dropped one of the more popular advantages associated to its membership card.

John Lewis, the retailer known for their ephemeral Christmas adverts, will no longer be giving out free teas, coffees and slices of cake to those who are signed up to their loyalty scheme – less than twelve months after they introduced it.

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Brazilian farmers forced to mechanise


After a torrid couple of years that have been plagued by volatile weather patterns and fluctuating prices, it appears that many of the smaller members found within the Brazilian coffee industry are relying on modern machinery as they cannot afford traditional labour costs in such a tumultuous market.

There has been an “intense trade in machinery,” reports Brazil’s supply agency Conab, especially within the main coffee growing areas in the states of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.

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