Coffee could reduce skin cancer risk


This isn’t the first story on World Coffee Press that covers a potential health benefit of coffee, nor will it be the last. But this piece is certainly one of the most interesting that we have covered in a while.

Scientists from the United States National Cancer Institute have discovered that those who drink four or more cups of coffee per day are, on average, twenty percent less likely to contract malignant melanoma than those who shy away from a daily brew.

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Can salt save coffee?

Salt Shaker

You might not believe this story and truth be told; we didn’t either when we were first introduced to it.

There’s a new thing when it comes to transforming a cup of coffee. It isn’t a new brand of sweetener or syrup; it is in fact a pinch of salt.

Yes, you read right the first time. Salt!

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Arizona coffee shops busted for illegal gambling

Normally, you would expect a coffee shop to offer a suitable range of drinks such as espressos, lattes and flat whites. They may also have other beverages like tea and hot chocolate on the menu; they may also serve up a mouth-watering selection of freshly baked items. Some – those that like to branch out a little – may even make a selection of sandwiches.

However in the United States, Arizona’s Department for Gambling has uncovered multiple ‘sweepstake cafes’ that are serving up a slice of illegal gambling with their array of coffees.

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Government raises concern about the Kenyan coffee industry

Reports emanating out of Kenya suggest that the national government has expressed cautious concerns that the country may lose their privileged position in the world’s coffee market because production levels are predicted to drop.

Currently, Kenya is producing in the region of 50,000 tonnes (metric) per year – a sharp decline from the nation’s peak of 130,000 tonnes which was achieved in the late 1980s.

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London coffee shop threatened over ‘Je suis Charlie’ sign


The terrible events that took place in France last week have dominated headlines in many European countries. On social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter the phrase ‘Je suis Charlie’ became an immediate trending topic with staying power and only a few days ago, with the tragedy still raw in the hearts and minds of many Parisians, memorial services were held in the French capital.

Issues will continue to be debated as it appears to be incredibly likely that a new discourse on the fine line that freedom of speech and expression balances, but conflicting opinions, unfortunately, threatened to boil over in a British coffee shop in an event that highlights just how heightened tensions are at the moment.

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Lebanese cafe targeted in suicide attack


Last weekend a bomb blast claimed the lives of seven people and wounded dozens other in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, many press associations report.

The planned attack occurred in the Jabal Mohsen district of the historic city, a predominantly Alawite area, and targeted a coffee shop during peak evening trading hours.

Sadly, it is believed to have been premeditated and driven by religious sectarianism.

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Maui prepares for the borer


After troubling farmers on Big Island for years and recently making their way to Oahu at the end of last year, Maui’s coffee industry is beginning to prepare itself for the destructive coffee borer beetle to make it to their shores, reports Myrtle Beach Online and other news entities.

The borer is a well-known pest that blights farmers the world over. The insect blights the coffee crops by burrowing into the coffee cherry and allowing its larvae to feast upon the bean, thus reducing both the quality and yield of affected harvests.

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Cafe Neo hoping to bring about a new day


Nigeria’s Cafe Neo, founded by Ngozi and Chijoke Dozie, is hoping to be Africa’s version of Starbucks.

Now that’s an ambitious business plan if we’ve ever seen one!

The two brothers are hoping to gain a foothold in all the major cities in Africa and cement themselves as one of the continent’s premier retailers before the usual global giants finally make the leap.

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