Lego-builders and coffee-drinkers

lego mug

Hands up who enjoyed playing with Lego when they were younger?

I did, that’s for sure.

The much loved toy is still going as strong today as ever and girls and boys, children and adults alike, many of us love to make our Lego creations.

It just so happens that there is a new Lego product on the market, however and this might be more of interest for Lego building adults.

Especially if they have a penchant for coffee, that is.

As reported online, there is a new Build-On Brick Mug on the market thanks to ThinkGeek.

This new idea means that you can build your own mug, made of Lego, yourself.

The mug will be able to hold 12 ounces of your chosen beverage and will be of your own design. It is made out of BPA-free plastic.

In fact, the mug is flexible and is not just compatible with Lego building blocks.

If you happen to have access to other brands of building blocks, such as K’Nex Bricks, Mega Blocks or PixelBlocks, the odds are that they may well work with this product too and you can still build up your mug.

The design is simple   just click on the building bricks to the exterior of the mug (onto the familiar raised circles).

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