Scotland chooses its competitor barista for the championship

Catherine O'Shea

It’s all hotting up.

We reported in the past about the various national competitions that are currently underway to find the best barista to be put forward by each nation, for the World Barista Championships in Melbourne later in the year.

Scotland has just found their competitor as reported in the Scotsman. Catherine O’Shea will be representing Scotland in the UK Barista Championships, which are to take place in London soon.

She is a 24 year old manager of Artisan Roast, who gave up university to follow her heart and work in the coffee industry.

She has worked at her caff for a year and a half.

In order to win her place in the finals, O’Shea had to beat over 120 other baristas.

Now she has to wow the judges alongside the other competitors in London, who will be sent from the regions of the country, to battle for the top spot.

What does a barista have to do to win such a spot?

She has to make twelve cups of coffee   four in each of the follow categories: espressos; speciality coffees; and cappuccinos.

The judges will be looking for a well-rounded barista with good coffee knowledge, preparation and skills and presentation.


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