Continuing on our quest to fetch you information on coffee beverages from around the world, World Coffee Press is today delving into the composition of the ‘affogato.’

The Italian coffee beverage could quite possibly be classed as an adult dessert.

It usually involves a scoop of vanilla ice cream however this could be substituted for chocolate depending on the tastes of the individual.

The ice cream is placed in a bowl or martini glass and then covered in a shot of hot espresso.

Affogato literally translates from Italian to English as ‘drowned’ and this certainly is an apt description.

The result is that the searing hot espresso melts into the ice cream, which then mixes with the coffee to create a thick, creamy and cooled short drink very similar to warm coffee milkshake.

We have found this quick and easy recipe if you would like to try one at home, or possibly persuade you favourite restaurant to prepare one as an alternative to dessert next time you dine out.

Ingredients for 4 people:

200ml brewed espresso

4 scoops good quality vanilla ice cream

Plain chocolate (optional)

Brew up the coffee, which will be enough for four little after dinner dessert cups.

Set out the 4 scoops in separate bowls and drown each ice cream scoop till it is coated and melting.

For an added treat melt the chocolate into the coffee before pouring and serve immediately with a spoon or it could get very messy.

Baileys Ice Cream is a delicious alternative however it is not the authentic ‘Italian Job’.

Optional shots of amaretto however are absolutely fine!

Photo: Breville USA

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