Bacon Flavoured Coffee?

Boca Java

Boca Java are a relatively new coffee company who have managed to survive their first full decade of trading and in this current economic climate, we salute your success.

Established in 2002 the online retailer is trading in gourmet coffee, speciality teas, chai lattes, hot chocolates and custom gifts.

It is under the umbrella of Luna Gourmet Coffee and Tea Company, located in Colorado, their mission is to get you the best quality, gourmet coffee, delivered right to your door.

When they say ‘redefining the perfect cup’ is their motto, they really aren’t lying.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you; bacon flavoured coffee.

Not just any old pig either this is ‘Maple Bacon Morning ‘coffee.

For Brits this seems an odd flavour pairing because they enjoy their bacon savoury and between bread.

For Americans and particularly Canadians (Maple Leaf on the flag) maple syrup is a big part of breakfast and indeed can be added to many foods, so maple coffee isn’t a massive stretch of the imagination.

So, the thought of combining the favourite breakfast product into the favourite breakfast drink apparently makes complete sense.

We aren’t so sure but fully encourage you to try for yourself.

The blend description invites you to remember wholesome Sunday mornings surrounded by family around the breakfast table. This drink is advertised as sweet, savoury and a delight for the senses with a taste of ‘home’. It is 100% Arabica infused with maple and bacon, full bodied and a complex, strong blend so you will be up and bright eyed after one cup.

They recommend that if you enjoyed the Maple Bacon Morning why not try some of their other flavours such as Bananas Foster Float or German Chocolate Cake coffee.

We must insist though, no matter how unusual and delicious these coffees may or may not be, bacon flavoured coffee is no substitute for a real life bacon breakfast.

Please do still eat, caffeine alone is not enough to keep you alive although we know some of you wish it was.

For more information on Boca Java and their crazy flavours, visit their website ( and see for yourself.

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