Bikini-barista booth in trouble for ‘hot coffee’


What is it with Washington and scantily-clad baristas making the news for inappropriate behaviour?

After we reported on a news story concerning an online war of words between one Anacortes based coffee shop proprietor and a customer, it turns out that Hillbilly Hotties of nearby Evrett are in hot water once again.

Back in October officials served the hut with a warrant and then searched the premises after they had received a number of complaints concerning ‘illicit activity’ on site. Police refused to release further details but it was widely reported at the time by the local press that the espresso stand was in trouble for having staff that flouted adult entertainment laws.

‘The complaints varied a little’ explained Sgt. Bruce Bosman, ‘but most of them had the same theme of girls showing private parts for money.’

Now described as a chronic nuisance, a new edict has been laid down at the feet of Hillbilly Hotties in the form of a notification letter that could lead to civil penalties levied against the owner if things do not improve in the near future. The letters demanded that the alleged goings on at the hut (prostitution, indecent exposure and other activities) stop immediately.

Past targets of these ordinances have often been establishments such as low-rent motels and suspected houses of ill-repute.

‘They’ve been responsive to the letter and seem willing to work with us on the issues we’ve identified,’ Evrett city spokeswoman Meghan Pembroke said.

The plan has not been fully decided upon, but there are agreements in place that the owner will stop hiring baristas with criminal records and that any employee caught breaking the rules will be fired. It is clear that the establishment selling hot coffee will be under close moderation for the near future.

We ask once more – isn’t just a good cup of coffee enough?

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