Bonnon Coffee leads the way for Saudi Arabia


Coffee consumption has sharply risen in the Middle-East in recent years, especially Saudi Arabia where the sector has recently been valued at an impressive $3.9 billion.

According to statistics that have been made available, the Kingdom imported some 18,000 tons of coffee last year, worth an estimated $54 million.

One of the biggest success stories in the country is that of Bonnon Coffee, which has helped usher through a mini coffee revolution in the region.

The company saw a growth of between 12% and 35% last year and their operating profits have shot up to 28% compared to just 6% a couple of years ago.

Established in the mid-2000s, the chain, part-owned by the SEDCO Holding Group, has grown from being a local brand to an entity which tussles with the globally recognised names for supremacy.

Part of the reason of their success is the forward-thinking approach of their CEO, Khalid Bin Hamad who believes that this coffee boom isn’t likely to slow down. Previously, Bin Mamad forecasted that by 2016 coffee sales would rise by 77%, dwarfing transactions for tea in the process.

Further expansion is therefore on Bonnon Coffee’s cards.

“Among the company’s top priorities next year will be continued strategic growth through the installation of more outlets,” explained Anees Ahmed Moumina, who is associated with the SEDCO Holding Group.

Other areas of interesting will include, in Ahmen Moumina’s words, will be: “The introduction of advanced ways [to give] prominence to the Bonnon brand [and to] provide and drive-thru sales service.”

According to the English language version of Al Arabiya, Bonnon plans to open up new coffee shops in to service the Saudi Arabian market as well as hopefully moving into other neighbouring areas.

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