Who Is The Boss?

boss coffee

Boss coffee is a brand of canned coffee and coffee infused beverages made by the Japanese company Suntory from 1992 onwards.

There were many aggressive advertising campaigns featuring popular Japanese musicians until Tommy Lee Jones became spokesman.

You would be forgiven for thinking that one of The Men In Black stars is not the most enthusiastic faces of film but it just so happens his stoic tendencies and stern expression is just what was needed to become the ‘Boss’.

Since 2006 Tommy Lee Jones has been the most recognisable face of the campaign and has appeared in print and television adverts across Japan. No less than 38 advertisements featuring ‘Alien Jones’ a man who came to Earth to learn Earthian customs, one of the most prominent being, obviously, canned coffee.

In the commercials ‘Alien Jones’ goes through a host of everyday jobs from Doctor to Waiter and in the last episode leaves Earth entirely but has to quickly return to get another fix of his favourite canned coffee.

Since then the advertising minds have teamed up with the creators of James Bond and Super Mario to create collectable cans and the Boss coffee name is still going on strong despite Mr Jones stepping down as official spokesperson for the brand.

Youtube has many of the 38 adverts available to view and Wikipedia also has more information if you are curious regarding the Boss canned coffee brand.



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