Brazil’s coffee output is looking good

brazilian coffee

According to the reports in the news, it seems that the largest coffee producing country on the planet is growing from strength to strength.

Brazil has a great output of coffee and experts have noted that the country may have to stockpile beans, as production is reaching record levels this year.

Why stockpile?

This would be an effort to help farmers by giving them the opportunity of either selling their product on the local market or finding alternative markets abroad for their caffeine goodies.

What is the level of coffee output?

It is thought that the level may increase during the year 2012-2013, to a maximum of a staggering 52.3 million bags of coffee, or an estimated ‘low’ of 49 million bags.

To put these figures into perspective, the South American country previously produced the record in 2002, when it had an output of 48.5 million bags, according to reports.

By way of clarification, reference to a coffee bag refers to a 60 kilo bag.

Coffee-drinkers who loved Brazilian coffee were certainly in for a treat that year, as they are about to be imminently, if predictions are correct.

The Brazilian coffee trees will move into a new phase in their cycle in July and this part of the cycle yields the most coffee product – it is referred to as the higher half of a two year cycle.

These new figures mean that Brazil may beat the United States as the planet’s biggest coffee consumer – the nation managed to consume 18.9 million bags in 2010, according to some figures.

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