British Bathe in Coffee

coffee bath

According to a recent study conducted by, the country’s fastest growing online-based human resources consultancy, it seems that the working British population consumes the equivalent of as many as 60 bath tubs of tea and coffee.

Reabur’s research was carried out on 1,271 tea or coffee consuming British people engaged in full-time employment and was designed to find out how many caffeine-containing beverages each individual consumed in the office environment.

According to the results of the study, the average person drinks four cups of coffee or tea throughout the course of a full working day. Given that the average number of days worked among the respondent base was five days, this equates to 20 cups of tea or coffee per week in the office alone. Looking at this on an annual basis, this would equate to 1,040 cups of caffeinated hot beverages every year. From this and given that all survey participants were over the age of 18 and will most likely work until they are 64, the online HR business deduced that the average individual in the UK would drink 47,840 cups of coffee or tea during their working life.

In litre terms, this would equate to 11,960 litres of the beverages or, using a unique comparison, Rebaur calculated that this represents an impressive 60 bath tubs full of tea or coffee.

In terms of their top motivations for drinking hot beverages in the office, the study’s respondents cited habit, the social aspect and improved performance as their main drivers.

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