Can coffee help you to lose weight?


It is the perennial problem, isn’t it?

How can we shift those extra pounds which creep up on us so sneakily?

Most people would usually be happy to hear about ways of losing some weight and making themselves leaner, sleeker and skinnier.

The news headlines have recently been talking about a new coffee-related product which apparently does just that.

What’s the news on the grapevine?

The product is called Green Coffee Bean Extract and it is an ingredient that is used in weight loss programmes.

Although the product is not a new one, it has just received a lot of attention, thanks to a Doctor Oz feature, which showcased the Green Coffee Bean Extract and triggered another surge of interest in it.

The show is viewed by millions and so this is a prime place to spread the good news.

A study was carried out over 22 weeks at the University of Scranton, to make a note of the effects of the green coffee bean (in extract form), as part of a weight loss programme.

What were the findings?

It was observed that significant reductions took place in terms of body weight and also body fat, plus body mass index.

This is good news for those who want a little help with their weight.

As always, those who are looking to lose weight should act responsibly and talk to a medical practitioner, before starting on a diet, in particular to check whether or not these sorts of supplements are suitable for each individual.

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