China and Korean coffee

coffee in china

When you think of traditional drinks in China, one of the first beverages that springs to mind is tea, isn’t it?

‘For all the tea in China’ became a well-known expression for a reason, after all.

However, life is ever-changing and things do not stay the same.

This seems to be the case in terms of Chinese drinking habits, if recent reports in the news are to be believed.

According to these reports, the coffee culture – which is sweeping much of the world – is also sweeping through China.

Apparently, the coffee market in China grew by a fifth last year.

Although this is an impressive statistic in itself, it is absolutely astonishing that in fact the market has increased a staggering 92% during the last five year period.

Surprisingly, there is one particular type of coffee which seems to be attracting the Chinese.

What is that?

Reports indicate that Korean coffee shops are becoming more and more popular, especially as far as the younger generations are concerned.

Some have speculated that the reason for this rise in popularity is the Korean coffee shops dessert menu and the sophisticated ambiance.

So what is the prediction for the future of the coffee culture after this meteoric rise over the past few years?

Despite the growth spurt in the coffee industry, it is still expected by experts that the market still has room to grow, both for domestic and also for international brands of coffee.

Image: Mike Licht

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