Clovis residents up in arms over bikini coffee shop

Clovis, California

There have been numerous stories about towns and villages opposing the introduction of ‘corporate coffee’ stores that, it is claimed, turn every high street and shopping precinct into a generic paint-by-numbers construction.

Well, in Clovis, California, some residents are stating that a coffee business should leave town.

The business in question is called Bottom’s Up and is the latest java hut where scantily clad baristas serve up coffee to the general public.

Candice Eslick, who lives near the shop, has started up a petition claiming that the attire of the females are not right for her neighbourhood, or for Clovis in general. She says she has a number of signatures and still has many more blocks to canvas.

A few inhabitants of the Californian town complained after an initial news story was published on a local news site but, since then, the coffee shop has toed the line, according to Clovis City Attorney David Wolfe who stated that offences would have to be “regular practice” instead of anomalies before the city could interfere.

Since officials visited last month, the business has followed the rules.

Bottom’s Up opened in January and co-owner Alexandra Ireland stated that there are rules in place about what is deemed as acceptable attire.

She has also fought back against those claiming the coffee hut is just about cheap thrills, empirically stating that two fundamental parts of her business plan does not involve bikinis or skimpy outfits.

“It’s the quality of the coffee and customer service,” she told local press. “I think (customers) come here the first time for the bikini and they stay for the quality of our drinks…if a pretty girl in a bikini is rude and serves you horrible coffee, you wouldn’t go back.”

However, Ireland conceded ground that the names of her drinks may cause offence. With titles such as ‘Get Lai’ed’ and ‘Screamer’, she has admitted she is considering toning down the monikers.

Eslick, the woman behind the petition, has said she is considering attending a City Council meeting with her friends wearing similar outfits to those worn by the bikini baristas.

“Then let’s see how they feel about it,” she is quoted as saying.

Wherever you are on the west coast of America at the moment, it seems there will be a bikini themed barista stall nearby.

Should they be regulated, or are they harmless coffee shops?

Let us know your opinions.

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