Coffee and free books

books and coffee

There seems to be something of an affinity between coffee and books, doesn’t there?

In my two local independent book shops in Bath, browsers are welcomed in the shops with the offer of a free cup of coffee.

I suppose tea would be available if wanted, but coffee is the stuff that is most obvious.

Why is that?

Because caffeine can stimulate thought perhaps?

In any event, another link between coffee and books was noted in a recent article in the Portsmouth News.

And this time it had to do with free books.

So what’s the deal?

Quite a good one in fact.

The scheme is also helpful to the environment.

If you happen to live near Fareham, England, you might want to start saving the packaging from your coffee (including lids etc).


Because if you deliver them to the Books for Free Shop, the shop will recycle it and this, in turn, boosts funds for the Healthy Plant Books for Free Scheme.

All you need to do is pop the recycling into the book shop or ask volunteers to pick packaging up from workplaces in the area.

The Healthy Plant Books for Free Scheme is one which enables people to take up to three books away, absolutely free.

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