Coffee Board of India reconstituted

Coffee Board of India

After a slight delay of two months, the Coffee Board of India has been reconstituted in a reshuffle that occurs once every three years.

Many new faces have been added into the group that will oversee all aspects of coffee production from the world’s fifth biggest provider.

The board is set to consist of more than fifty people a notice from The Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry stated in a notice to local press that was released earlier on in the week. The changes in personnel will be in effect until January 2016.

The divisions of the board are to be revised, with the addition of many specialist representatives to work with certain sectors of the nation’s coffee industry. These include;

Large growers – to ensure that the needs and interests of major farms and coffee growing regions are overseen, to protect and invest in future production.

Traders – to focus upon current, topical events such as financial trends, climate change and other variable aspects of business.

Labour – to maintain a strong and skilled workforce in the field, ensuring that labourers’ interests are maintained in line with the increased competition from technological industries. To continue to offer a fair and reasonable working wage.

Consumer – to keep an eye on finances and to try and direct the growers, providers and businesses into receiving the best price for their produce.

Instant coffee – a much small area of concern, but to look after the interest of manufacturers in the Indian instant coffee market.

The Coffee Board of India appear to have meticulously planned it’s structure for the coming years and with coffee gradually becoming an influential commodity in the southern area of the country, the time spent pouring over the structure should, hopefully, pay dividends.

The Coffee Board of India is an autonomous body, functioning under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The Board serves as a friend, philosopher and a guide to the entire coffee industry in the nation. Set up under an Act of the Parliament in 1942, the Board focuses on research, development, extension, quality, progress, market information, and the domestic and external promotion of the coffees produced and grown in India.

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