Coffee Cart Glory in India

Gloria Jean's Coffee

Gloria Jean’s Coffee, a premium brand of coffee in Australia, has caught the attention of Indian consumers by serving its coffee in a traditional street-styled cart, known locally as a ‘thela.’

Introduced to the Indian market by Dubai-based Citymax Group, the company reportedly tried out three different retail formats for its coffee brand – high street, kiosk and mobile cart options, with the latter coffee-on-the-move concept the one that has clearly resonated with local consumers since its unveiling last year.

Already active in India since 2008, Citymax Group – the master franchise for the premium coffee brand in India – is now considering the use of the carts as a promotional vehicle for increased brand visibility and expansion. The chain, which has just opened four coffee houses in the Indian capital of Hyderabad and currently has 17 outlets in the country, has revealed high hopes of reaching a total of 200 venues within the next three year timeframe. Each coffee establishment is reported to represent a Rs 50 lakh investment for Citymax, whose expansion will be funded through bank loans, as well as by its parent company, the Landmark Group.

India’s organised coffee sector is said to be growing at a rate of 40 per cent and is valued at Rs 1,000 crore. Its progress is linked to a number of key factors, including the increased transition of tea drinkers towards coffee, as well as by growing levels of disposable income and increased exposure to internationally-available brands.

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