Coffee chain opens first shop in the Oman


The world, it seems, is going coffee crazy.

All over the place we hear news of the growth of new coffee chains and outlets.

One of the recent announcements in this regard is a new PappaRoti café, which has been opened in the Muscat Grand Mall in the Oman.

The PappaRoti brand is owned by Jadawil Muscat LLC and it is an international chain.

One of the signature motifs of the coffee chain is the use of a particular type of coffee caramelised coated buns.

In addition the company prides itself on the quality of the beverages they serve.

To this end, the PappaRoti cafes offer a Pappa Milk Tea (one of their top-selling beverages) and Bun Combo.

The coffee brews have been described in the press as an ‘exemplary array!’

The new café in the Muscat Grand Mal is located in Al Khuwair and has many features to attract visitors (in addition, of course, to the menu of food and beverages on sale).

It is easily reached by the new highway and there is plenty of parking too.

As the whole of the Muscat Grand Mal has free wi-fi, it is also a good location to stop to surf the net or do business or social interactions online, while sipping on a decent cuppa and eating one of the café’s famous buns.

The opening hours are from 8.30 each day until 11pm on a weekday and until midnight at weekends.

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