Coffee personalised for you

personal coffee

Have you noticed how coffee is becoming more and more bespoke?

Once upon a time, if someone asked you if you wanted a coffee, you were likely to have no further choice   a straight cuppa is what would be delivered.

However, now coffee horizons are broadening in all directions.

No longer is it simply a question of asking for a coffee, it is very likely (especially if you’re purchasing the drink) to be asked what sort of coffee is desired.



Flat white?


If you want a milky drink, is that with skinny milk or ordinary?

With a flavour added perhaps?

And what sort of blend do you want?

The cafe house blend?

Or do you want to indulge and taste a different blend?

Not only is there a choice with the type of coffee, there is also a choice in where you drink it.

Sophisticated coffee machines are everywhere if you fancy tinkering and becoming a coffee expert at home.

There are chain coffee shops and also, increasingly popular, are the independent coffee shops, that like to introduce welcoming idiosyncrasies to welcome you into their space.

And things have gone one step further too. Mobile coffee shops are also around, just so that they take the hassle out of coffee purchasing.

As reported recently in the Derbyshire Times, for instance, quality coffee is available on the Really Awesome Coffee franchise   the owner brings coffee to local businesses plus a selection of hot and cold food too.

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