Coffee Pinot Noir


Crafted wooden barrels were just about the only reliable water tight container for transporting wines, beer and spirits in days gone past.

However the humble barrel is having a bit of a revival recently- famed for adding smooth texture and flavours to whiskeys and beer now coffee is being give the barrel matured treatment.

Not just barrel either, this is a Pinot Noir wine barrel.

For two weeks old coffee beans were left to muse and infuse any of the old wine flavours left behind.

The old wine barrels are being hailed as contributing attributes to a much more well rounded overall finish to the blend, not to mention a hint of fruitiness after they were then traditionally ground and brewed.

This new concoction is being hailed by the creator, Brandon Smyth, as a fantastic accompaniment to fruit, cheese and a good digestif after turkey (do you hear the Christmas bells chiming too?)

Although coffee is a very popular beverage at the end of a meal it’s not considered, by those in the business, to be well suited to a lot of food.

The acidic nature and aftertaste of coffee is quite over powering when coupled with many foods.

If this sound like your perfect cup of…coffee-wine then “Oak Aged in Pinot Noir Cask” is available with Finca Manzano barrels, coupled with beans from El Salvador; $18 per 12-ounce bag produced by the Water Avenue Coffee company.

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