Coffee spills and expensive phones

coffee spill

It’s something of a nightmare, isn’t it, when your phone gets subject to spills.

One slip of the hand and you could cover your expensive all-singing, all-dancing, pride-and-joy mobile phone with your cup of morning coffee.

What can be done?

Of course, often when you purchase an expensive handset, mobile phone companies are keen to sell you insurance which may cover certain accidents.

But how hardy are those little phones we carry around?

There has been an interesting article in Phones Review recently, which reports on iPhone ‘torture’ and how the equipment stood up to a series of tests.

What sort of phone torture tests?

The iPhone 5 was dropped from a height.

The verdict?

Apparently it didn’t do so badly.

However, there were more tests in store too.

The phone was also liberally spilled with coffee (only needing a quick wipe to be restored to working order), roughly treated in a pocket-mock-up with keys and coins and further scratch tests.

Again, the phone handset proved rather durable.

The killer test?

15 seconds under water.

This, you might think, is acceptable.

Interestingly, for those without an iPhone 5, there are certain phones which make specific durability claims and if this is something you are interested in, it is worth checking out the options when you next upgrade.

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