Coffee to aid weight loss?

green coffee

There have been a growing number of articles in the news of late, regarding the weight loss properties of coffee.

This is certainly the time of year that people are starting to focus on losing the extra pounds gained over winter and the longer days and warmer temperatures are a good incentive to shed some excess weight.

Can coffee really help us in this regard though?

It is said that green coffee beans can help us out.

Green coffee?

Yes, that basically means unroasted beans.

And why are they said to be helpful?

Roasting coffee has the effect of removing the majority of any chlorogenic acid which otherwise exists in the coffee bean.

And it is chlorogenic acid which is said to help to increase fat burning in our bodies, by kick starting the metabolic rate.

This form of coffee can be bought as an extract.

Does this really work?

It is said to be successful, although more detailed trials would be useful.

Another tip for weight loss and coffee is to drink caffeinated drinks before carrying out exercise.

It is said that the caffeine can help your workout become more beneficial and effective, hopefully burning more calories and pushing yourself a little further.

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