Coffee to Kick You into Cleaning Action

coffee grounds

Having started the day with the usual cup of coffee, rather than disposing of the coffee grounds or using them on the garden, an online coffee retailer has highlighted some alternative uses for the otherwise wasted ingredient, most without having to venture further than the kitchen.

Firstly, coffee grounds are great at combating stubborn odours, particularly when cooking with foods such as garlic and fish. To make further use of the waste coffee beans, simply combine them with your usual hand wash and rub them together to lift any remaining odour.

Coffee grounds mixed with boiling water to create a paste like substance can also be used to freshen drains and to clean stain-resistant surfaces, such as those in the kitchen.

With other recommended or potential uses including breath-freshening action (by sucking on a coffee bean), a more well-documented alternative use is sprinkling coffee grounds onto your garden, particularly around plants that prefer an acidic soil environment You can also add them to your regular compost pile to accelerate the decomposing process.

A particular high street coffee chain that is well known for giving away free coffee grounds to consumers for use in their gardens, has also just made an interesting move where the coffee drink itself is concerned. Introducing a coffee which does not actually taste like coffee for the more sensitive of palates, the chain’s new offering is based on the idea of being ‘refreshing’ and will use green, unroasted coffee beans, while also being flavoured with fruits such as lime and berry.

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