Coffee vindaloo

Death Wish

There are those amongst us who love to push the taste boundaries and try the hottest, spiciest, most challenging food tastes.

Take curries for instance and think about those of us who want to push out boundaries and indulge in a vindaloo.

If you have a taste for the strongest flavours and if you are also a coffee-lover, perhaps you will fancy tasting a little of the Death Wish coffee.

This new brand of coffee markets itself as the World’s Strongest Coffee.

So, for those who are already rising to the challenge and flexing their coffee-drinking muscles, how strong is the strongest coffee on the planet?

The Death Wish coffee reportedly has some 200% more caffeine in it than a regular cup of joe.

The packaging is something of a warning   a black background covered with a sinister skull and crossbones.

Drink this if you dare!

The coffee-loving nation, the United States of America, is home to the company which has launched this new brand.

It describes its brand as Extreme Coffee.

As well as laying down the taste gauntlet, this is also seen as a way of super-charging your energy levels.

Would you fancy tasting this coffee?

Have the nerve?

Or the need for a super-strong dose of caffeine?

Would you dare?

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