Disposable cup look-a-like with evidently greener properties

not a paper cup

An iconic invention by innovative British designer James Burgess, “I am Not a Paper Cup” is composed of double-walled porcelain with a thermal cavity between layers. It mimics the much-loved take-away coffee cup on numerous levels and even has a removable spill-proof silicone lid.

Burgess’ unique porcelain cup has been developed in the midst of an increasingly pressing issue surrounding the disposal of used paper cups. According to a combined study by the US-based Environmental Defense Fund and the Pew Charitable Trust, one particular high-street chain uses 1.9 billion coffee cups every year, with other coffee roasting companies across the US facing similar concerns.

The insulating properties of “I am Not a Paper Cup” are said to be superior to those of other porcelain as well as paper cups and have greater resistance to the differing temperatures of the beverages they contain. The cup, able to handle temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, is also microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

In terms of the product’s silicone lid and to limit its environmental impact yet further, its designer recommends cleaning this with lemon wedges, or even toothpaste, as opposed to detergent.

Whether the innovation will make any significant impact on the coffee cup industry remains to be seen, however “I am Not a Paper Cup” is already available through numerous online outlets in the US, including Ochelly.com, Amazon.com, UncommonGoods.com and Target.com. With regards to price, the porcelain cups are available for between $10 and $16.95, whilst the lids – also available to purchase in pairs – retail at around $7 apiece.

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