Fracino wins award for coffee machines


Good news for British exports!

Now, it’s not often that we hear that sentence is it?

However there has been a heartening article in the Birmingham Post of late, which effectively celebrates such a concept.

So lift your glasses and toast the company which has been acknowledged as performing exceptionally – interested in finding out more?

The company which has won the award is called Fracino and is based in Aston, Birmingham.

It has been on the go for half a century and has a wealth of experience and its longevity speaks for itself.

It is an organisation which has a staff of some forty people and it is now a third generation family company.

Fracino has done well recently thanks to its exports overseas.

It currently sells goods to over 50 countries, such as Finland, Romania, Peru and Spain.

So what was the award?

It was the United Kingdom’s Winner of Winners Award and Outstanding Export Award, which was given by the manufacturers association, EEF.

This is great news for the Brits   a flag is engraved onto each coffee machine that is exported.

The company has even caught the eye of the Prime Minister who applauded the successes of the coffee machine company, noting that it even exported its machines to Italy, that great coffee-drinking nation.

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