Green Coffee Exports on the Up in Brazil

brazilian coffee

The South American country of Brazil registered green coffee exports of just short of 3 million 60kg bags in November 2010, which equates to an almost 24 per cent rise on the 2.4 million bags shipped during the same period the previous year.

However, November’s volume fell just short of the country’s record level of green coffee exports to date – 3.1 million bags, which was achieved just last month in October 2010, according to the Council of Green Coffee Exporters (Cecafe).

With regards to specific coffee types, shipments of Arabica increased by over 22 per cent on the same month in 2009, to 2.8 million bags, while Robusta coffee, albeit smaller in overall volume terms is gaining ground, almost doubling the number of bags shipped to 0.93 million. Exports of instant coffee showed a more modest 1.9 per cent increase to 0.24 million bags.

In terms of value, the Brazilian economy’s revenue from coffee exports reached US$615.6 million in November this year, an increase of 57.8 per cent on last year and an over-proportional jump relative to volume due to the higher prices the commodity has been able to command in 2010.

Cecafe is hopeful that the country’s total coffee exports will reach somewhere in the region of 33 million bags by the end of 2010. If its predictions are correct then this would be an all-time record for Brazilian coffee output, compared with a total of 30.5 million bags in 2009 and 29.7 million in 2008.

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