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If you want to raise funds for a good cause, what is one of the first events that springs to mind?

All over the United Kingdom, coffee mornings are held for those who want to make some money for a charity or two.

The deal?

Come and drink some coffee, taste some treats and donate funds to a good cause, plus a few stalls and tombolas and other typical coffee morning fare.

One particular coffee morning event, as reported in Chronicle Live, caught our attention recently because of the poignant nature of the appeal.

The Newcastle Building Society (Consett branch) has made it their business to raise funds for the Give Tilly a Hand charity.

What is this charity exactly?

When Tilly Lockey was only 15 months old, she contracted meningitis and lost both hands due to the disease.

She has to use prosthetic hands to get through everyday life and the charity was set up by her mother, to help raise funds for her daughter.

In addition, this charity raises awareness about the disease and its symptoms.

The prosthetic hands are an expensive business.

It is estimated that Tilly could need approximately two sets annually while she is growing, at a cost of  32,000 per set.

Although the Primary Care Trust is paying for these hands during the current year, it is not clear how this will be funded in the future.

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