Introducing the Canary Island coffee brand…

Gran Canaria

Question: do you know where the only coffee estate in the European Union is located? Answer: the Finca La Corcovada coffee brand is the product of a plantation in Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands. As it happens, this is also the most northern coffee plantation too.

These facts are worth mentioning because the coffee produced in this area has been described as one of the leading exotic coffee brands. It has a particular acidity and delicate body and is an Arabica Typica coffee bean. No wonder it is exotic – this coffee brand has a royal history. It was introduced to the region by King Carlos the third and he chose the Canary Islands well. The geography of the Agaete Valley (where the coffee plantation is based) is quite particular – moderate temperatures and a rich soil, plus appropriate shade – to produce a fine coffee.

A specialist in gourmet brands, the Sea Island Coffee Ltd, has been boasting about the qualities of this coffee as they have just acquired it. They have an excellent selection of rare and highly sought after coffee brands and a representative of the company describes this Canary Island coffee as the ‘icing on the cake.’

The company also compares fine and exclusive exotic coffee brands to the fine wine market. They believe that the coffee culture is growing so that the true connoisseurs are interested in a market of coffee which has a varied and high-quality pedigree and taste.

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