Kenya comes top of the coffee pops


Which country is currently producing the best coffee in the world?

Colombia? Nope.

Guatemala? Wrong

Brazil? Nada.

Ethiopia? Getting closer….

The Rainforest Alliance held its bi-annual Cupping for Quality event recently and it was dominated by speciality and micro-lot coffees from Kenya, with four of the top ten coffees originating from the East African country.

Top of the pile was a coffee produced by the Gachatha Coffee Factory in Kenya’s Nyeri province which got a whopping 88.7 points, two points clear of its nearest rival.

“It’s no surprise to see the quality of coffees evaluated at our cupping events improve,” said Alex Morgan, the senior manager of sustainable agriculture at the Rainforest Alliance.

“These farmers are going above and beyond, improving the quality of their beans while conserving natural resources, protecting wildlife habitat and supporting local communities.”

The other offerings to finish in the top ten were Gicherori (5th =, 85.25), Kamwangi (5th =, 85.25) and Ngerwe (9th, 84.89).

Overall, 49 different coffees were up for the award and all of them were reviewed by a panel of expert cuppers at a specially coordinated event at a SCAA-certified lab in Charleston, South Carolina.

Unsurprisingly this news was well received in Kenya, with the Daily Nation running a big feature on the results.

Speaking to the news entity, the Gachatha Farmers’ Cooperative Society chairman, Peter Mathenge, said that these results came from good management practices which in turn has led to an increase in quality.

The top ten were:

1. Gathacha (Kenya) – 88.68

2. Manantiales Del Frontino (Colombia) – 86.78

3. Moredocofe (Ethiopia) – 85.97

4. San Ignacio (Colombia) – 85.95

5. Gicherori (Kenya) – 85.25

5. Karmwangi (Kenya) – 85.25

7. Kilenso Mokonisa (Ethiopia) – 85.11

8. Karengera (Rwanda) – 85.00

9. Ngerwe (Kenya) – 84.89

10. Belete (Ethiopia) – 84.86

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