Link between coffee and breast cancer?

woman with coffee

Let’s face it the world consumes a lot of coffee.

The coffee industry is a significant player and coffee culture is becoming more and more a part of modern society.

Thanks to its popularity, there are various research projects underway and many which have been undertaken in the past, by scientists who want to find out the effects of the caffeine elixir on our bodies.

One of the latest results to be discussed in the online press is the issue of the connection between breast cancer and coffee drinking.

There has been a study by the American Institute for Cancer Research and this body has concluded from the results that coffee isn’t the culprit for increasing the risk of this disease.

There are many positive ingredients to a cup of joe   such as antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic enzymes and vitamin B2.

The drink is also said to protect against colorectal cancer too.

More research will doubtless be needed, but it is heartening to know that there are benefits to drinking a cup of coffee.

It’s also worth remembering that adding too many ‘extras’ to your cup of coffee as this can easily add on the pounds.

Sugar, full-fat milk, liqueurs, flavourings   it’s worth being careful about this side of coffee drinking too.

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