Malawi advised to focus on coffee production

Malawi Farmers

The Nyasa Times has reported recently on the need for the Malawi coffee industry to boost their output.

The African country is said to be very well placed to achieve this one of the reasons for the plea for extra-concentration on productivity in the area.

The Africa Fine Coffee Association spokesperson has gone on the record, by noting that the international market requires quality and quantity to improve.

However, given favourable factors, such as cheap labour and also ‘the best environment,’ it is hoped that Malawi can step up to the plate and raise their performance.

Africa has a strong connection with coffee and countries such as Kenya provide well-known coffee blends to the world.

However, compared to other continents, there is concern that Africa is not performing as well as it might.

What are some of the strategies for putting these aims into effect?

There is a movement towards encouraging locals to drink coffee more regularly.

In addition, there have been issues as coffee trees have died before producing coffee yields and this needs to be addressed.

More commercial coffee crops are to be encouraged and the increased use of cooperatives for farmers too.

Farming practices are also to be examined and, hopefully, improved.

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