Mobile coffee service set up in converted ice cream van

coffee van

Coffee to go has been given an entirely a new meaning in Liverpool, after coffee shop owner and caterer Bean took to the road in a modified ice cream van. Named the Bean Machine, the mobile distributor is able to provide specialist coffees and other hot beverages to customers who may otherwise have found it difficult to get to their nearest coffee shop.

The Bean Machine has a coffee machine that enables it to provide a wide variety of coffees, likened to those that are available at any high street coffee outlet. At the same time, it also sells cakes, muffins, croissants, sandwiches and salads produced by Bean’s Brunswick Business Park base.

Director of Bean, Vip Bhatt said “We believe it’s the UK’s only mobile coffee machine. We have been road testing for a week and the feedback has been very positive. We had lots of requests to visit different firms and are building a database for a route to visit.”

Jon Whyte, Bhatt’s business partner added “The concept is wherever you can’t walk to a coffee shop we will provide the facility.”

The Bean machine has travelled to local business parks which are simply too far away from the city or other town centres to enable employees to grab a quick coffee in and around work.

The current vehicle is only a pilot, but after the initial success of the project, it is hoped that Bean will soon be able to increase its fleet.

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