Muddy Dog Roasting Company recognised as excellent small coffee roaster

Muddy Dog Roasting Company

The news is in: as reported on CNN and Money and Fortune’s list of the best American small coffee roasters, there is a new dog on the town. At number 12 on the list, the Muddy Dog Roasting Company has had praise heaped upon it.

What is the secret to this company’s success? One answer may lay in the dynamic and passion of one of the co-owners, Jim Pelligrini. He leaves no stone unturned, according to reports, in hunting down the best bean for the job. His travels take him all over the globe, from Ethiopia (rumoured to be the home of coffee), to India and Nicaragua. It is even said that he has a party trick to show off his extensive knowledge and understanding of the varieties of coffee beans: apparently, once he learns which wines a customer favours, he can find them a coffee bean that they will also enjoy.

The passion of Pelligrini is demonstrated by his travel blog and he claims to enjoy passing on his knowledge to his customers. Surely, this would make a difference – to continue the wine tasting analogy, many of us love to learn about the background to the bottle of wine we are drinking and the particularities of the grape and the methods of production. It would seem that Pelligrini is taking a similar approach to the coffee bean.

Of course, if the accolades in the press are to be believed, it seems that this approach has been very successful.

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