New York Women Attracted by Coffee Aroma

coffee aroma

It is a known fact that scent plays an important role in the science of attraction.

According to a survey commissioned by male grooming product manufacturer, AXE, designed to identify what scents most attract women, it appears that this can vary by geographical location.

In New York, females are apparently most attracted to male dates if they sense a coffee aroma, which, being as the city is the nation’s top city for singles, AXE advises men to use to their advantage.

Decoding what scents lure women elsewhere across the US, the survey, compiled by Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, revealed that the scent of lavender quickened pulses in Los Angeles, whilst the smell of burning campfires made temperatures rise for women in Dallas. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, males stand more chance of attracting the other sex with an aroma of clean laundry, with vanilla essence sending women into a spin ubiquitously.

Meanwhile outside of the big apple, an industrial engineer has launched an additional pair of small independent coffee outlets, with the aim of providing his clientele with genuinely freshly brewed coffee they should be able to expect.

In pursuit of his goal for ultimate freshness, the former engineer put his previous experience to good use. From humble beginnings in his basement workshop in 2003, where he experimented with old vacuum cleaner parts, Mike Caswell created what has been officially named the Javabot and is patented worldwide.

Once Javabot was ready for public consumption, Caswell opened Roasting Plant in Manhattan in 2007 and has since seen his business grow from strength to strength.

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