Sabah to host coffee festival and record attempt

Coffee beans

Today’s story comes from Malaysia, a country which as we well know is becoming a lucrative market for those looking to expand in Southeast Asia. However this tale does not revolve around foreign chains seeking revenue; instead it is about a domestic-based company that wants to break a record and help promote and enhance the fortunes of those around them.

Since inheriting the family business, Alex Yong has the Yit Foh Coffee Factory grow from strength to strength and was instrumental in the opening of a new facility in the early 1990s. Located in the Sabah region of Malaysia it is, admittedly, somewhat out on a limb and isolated from the big cities that populate Western Malaysia such Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Putrajaya.

But quality speaks volumes. Now, nearly forty people are employed there who help produce ten different products which are marketed and sold both in Malaysia and abroad in Brunei – including the very popular Kopi Tenom variety.

In the Yit Foh factory, coffee is still produced in what they describe as a ‘traditional’ process; roasting the beans slowly over a wood fire.

“This method is the best way to bring out the true aroma of coffee,” one of the factory’s managers explains.

But, more could be done to help increase awareness.

To help market and promote the region, facility and their goods, a festival has been created which will end with a record attempt that will see around 4,000 people simultaneously enjoying a cup coffee.

The current record – as noted by the Malaysian Book of Records – is 3,068.

In addition to the record attempt, numerous other events will be taking place during the festivities, including a variety of tourist exhibitions. The Sabah region is renowned for its Murut culture amongst other things.

Also, there will be an air display where six Microlights will proudly display the Kopi Tenom flag.

“[Here], the main focus is to improve the economic standing of villagers, as the crops and fruit products have a high commercial value,” said local politician Datuk Raimee Unggi.

Hopefully this regional festival and record attempt will get the ball rolling.

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