Snakes in a Saskatchewan coffee shop


There are some stories here on World Coffee Press that are serious in nature; some are informative and some are downright frivolous. This upcoming report from a Tim Hortons’ shop in Saskatchewan is utterly absurd. Worryingly though, it’s true.

The news website CBC Canada is reporting that two males are currently in police custody after they threw a snake over the serving counter.


What makes this even more ridiculous and preposterous is that the whole dispute which led to the serpent slinging incident was sparked by a disagreement about onions.


Apparently an argument began in one of the popular Canadian coffee chain’s Saskatchewan branches in the early hours of yesterday morning. Two twenty-somethings wanted diced onions on their sandwiches and, well, Hortons don’t dice their onions.

Things then escalated quickly and during the furore one of the men involved in this heated quarrel reached into his friend’s’ pocket, pulled out a live snake and threw it.

Staff then fled and the police were called.

“Obviously [the members of staff on duty] were very frightened,” said Alyson Edwards, a spokesperson for the local police.

“There was quite a lot of screaming going on.”

The police arrived at the scene quickly and managed to easily find and apprehend the two men involved who now face charges of mischief and causing a disturbance – we’re sure their families will love that news at this festive time of the year.

Luckily for those involved the snake wasn’t poisonous and was a harmless garter snake, a species that is relatively common in North America.

But what of the innocent snake? Well police confirmed that it wasn’t injured at all during this ordeal and will be looked after over the winter before being released back into the wild next year.

Oh, and in an ironic move – because as far as we’re concerned he is one of the victims in this story and hasn’t committed a crime (that we know) – the snake has been christened Outlaw. 

by Steve Jurvetson. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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