Lavazza Expect Sales To Hit $1.9 Billion

Lavazza Logo

After purchasing the popular French coffee brand Carte Noire, Lavazza is of the assertion that its revenues may rise to $1.9 billion this year.

If that figure does end up on Lavazza’s end-of-year balance sheets, it would represent an increase of nearly twenty percent when compared to 2015’s figures.

The deal will see Lavazza become the leading coffee supply in one of Europe’s biggest – and most lucrative – markets.

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easyJet Flies Into The Coffee Market With easyCoffee

EasyJet EasyCoffee

Sprudge, the respected coffee-centric website, recently announced that the third wave of coffee was dead, replaced by the more accessible new wave movement that mixed artisanship with accessibility.

But should we be embracing ‘air wave’ coffee?

The low-cost airline carrier easyJet is famous for popularising cheap and cheerful airfare in the United Kingdom and Europe, but now the firm has turned its attention to slashing the price of coffee on the British high street.

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More mergers probable, says Illycafe boss


After informing attendees of the Global Coffee Forum in Milan that we could be heading towards a coffee catastrophe, Illycafe boss Andrea Illy has been suggesting that the next few years could be all about consolidation as business began to worry about tougher competition and decreasing margins.

Recently D.E. Master Blenders and Mondelez International, two of the world’s biggest coffee companies, joined forces to create Jacobs Douwe Egberts and this new conglomerated entity is expected to have a near 20% market share, second only in the industry to the Swiss giants Nestle.

Speaking to the website Agrimoney, Illy hinted that there may be other deals “cooking” that everybody bar those involved are in the dark about.

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Lavazza set to purchase Carte Noire


Lavazza, the historic Italian coffee company, has offered to buy the French brand Carte Noire for an estimated $880 million. Leading European news agencies believe that the deal could see Lavazza take a commanding market-leading position in France as a result and, crucially, see their revenue in the country treble.

The formal contracts haven’t been signed, yet, but this is a significant advancement in a saga that for months showed no signs of drawing to a conclusion.

In a statement, Lavazza announced that they had tabled a binding offer for Carte Noire’s business within the thirty one nations that comprise the European Economic Area, subject to official approval from the French authorities and the European Commission.

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June decision for Lavazza’s purchase of Carte Noire


Lavazza will have to wait two months before they will be in a position to solidify their apparent desire to acquire the Carte Noire coffee brand from Mondelez International.

“Negotiations will likely finish by the end of June,” Giuseppe Lavazza, the world famous coffee company’s Vice President, said earlier this week.

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Lavazza unveil a compostable coffee capsule


The topic of coffee pods and capsules has been a hot one in recent weeks. Radio shows have been commissioned to discuss their merits and flaws, numerous articles have been published and the whole issue threatened to go sky-high (and viral) when the man behind their creation, John Sylvan, admitted that he no longer uses his own invention.

There has even been a ‘Kill the K-Cup’ campaign that has gained traction on social media.

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Lavazza looking forward to India’s burgeoning love of coffee

Lavazza Logo

When it comes to the blossoming Indian coffee sector, the famous Italian company Lavazza hasn’t been able to rely on brand presence and their heritage to compete in the dogged battle for retail store supremacy. This year, after financial problems and the prospect of an uphill battle against the likes of Starbucks and Café Coffee Day, the Barista chain was finally sold which marked the end of Lavazza’s presence in the world of coffee shops.

However, it is hoped that the presence of their now defunct brand will help them win another war in the country.

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Barista Lavazza finally sold

Barista Lavazza Coffee

One of the most famous names in the coffee industry is, finally, pulling out of India.

Lavazza had been enduring a troubled time on the subcontinent but after agreeing to sell their coffee chain Barista Lavazza, they are now free of an entity that has been a heavy millstone around the company’s neck for a good few years now.

The Italian based business will now focus on its core coffee business.

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#MissionEspresso is ready for lift off


Space: the final frontier.

As Captain Kirk would allude to at the start of Star Trek, what lies above is a vast expanse that is just waiting to be explored. Man has stepped foot on the moon, sent reconnaissance vehicles to document mars and has launched satellites to map and photograph far away galaxies and stars. Man has even sent the Arecibo message to Messier 13, a globular star cluster some 25,000 light years away.

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Bath to Bathe in Coffee and Milk during Upcoming Festival

Bath Coffee Festival 2011

Leading dairy company Yeo Valley has been named as the lead milk sponsor for this year’s Bath Coffee Festival 2011, scheduled to take place on 21st and 22nd of May.

The dairy business sources its organic milk from OMSCo, a West Country co-operative, whose farmers pride themselves on the care afforded to their dairy herds as well as on the quality of the milk that’s produced.

The firm’s Ben Cull commented on the news, “Yeo Valley has seen milk sales increase over the last ten years and being the core ingredient in all of our products we are keen to encourage consumers to choose organic, particularly for their coffee.”

The Bath Coffee festival is also welcoming HBSC on board as another main sponsor, with both itself and Yeo Valley joining the high profile list of both national and regional businesses to be supporting the upcoming event. Directly linked to the coffee festival’s defining theme and also backing the festival are coffee experts Lavazza and Taylors of Harrogate.

Moreover, there are reportedly already 50 companies that have arranged to exhibit at the festival. Other elements of the annual coffee extravaganza in Bath are demonstrations led by coffee experts, lots of tasting and sampling, with plenty of entertainment for the whole family. The Coffee Academy will also be running workshops where visitors and participants will be able to glean top tips and hints from expert baristas on how to perfect a cup of coffee, or how to exercise your artistic flair and create masterpieces of latte art.