Nestle to encourage more women and young adults to take up coffee farming


Nestle’s ongoing investment and training scheme in Kenya is picking up pace as the company will be making further attempts encourage women and teenagers into the coffee farming business, and to apply for strategic leadership roles within key cooperatives and agricultural societies.

According to the Kenyan website Coast Week, this is their second phase of a multi-year policy that, it is hoped, will bring about a higher level of gender equity in the sector and bring through a new generation to run the farms and work the fields in years to come.

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New Zealanders Upset Over Nescafe’s New Recipe


It happens to the best of us.

We’ve all been angry, and to a lesser extent disappointed, when our favourite products get tinkered with. Whether it’s the recipe for a cheesecake (“it’s just not the same now”) or the type of milk used to create chocolate (“seriously, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it!”), change is often seen as a bad thing – even if it’s done for the most wholesome of reasons.

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Nestle to invest in a brand new production facility in Vietnam


Plans are in motion that would see Nestle fund the construction of a purpose-built coffee production facility in South-Eastern Vietnam as part of their ongoing commitment to their own ‘Nescafe Plan’, a long-term strategy that has been designed to “create value” across their coffee supply chain.

Set to be built in the Dong Nai province, east of the Vietnamese capital Ho Chi Minh City, this brand new plant will decaffeinate green coffee beans before readying them for transport to other Nestle facilities around the world.

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Nestle unveil new Nescafe product line

Nescafe Spoon

The American branch of Nestle is set to launch a new product that they have proclaimed will be a ‘major market innovation’, something that will allow customers to create their own coffee whilst on the go.

“We’re launching a ‘to go’ Nescafe – that you put into water, shake and have RTD coffee,” said Rob Case, Nestle’s president of their US division whilst discussing the product to analysts and investors last week.

“It’s fantastic and will be a major innovation in the market place.”

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Nescafe’s Malaysian dominance, will it wane?

Nescafe Spoon

We are in the midst of a veritable cannonade of coffee. But that phenomena is not just occurring on our shores, many countries the world over are enjoying all the merits that coffee, and the culture associated with it, has to offer.

It might seem strange on reflection that many nations have their roots in the tea industry and have been turned. One such example is Britain, but another one is Malaysia.

Malaysia has been a traditional tea-drinking nation but the coffee culture over in south-east Asia is currently booming as the beverage is gaining traction amongst professionals and the younger sections of society.

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New Impetus for UK’s Soluble Coffee Sector


Nescafe, whose infamous five year-long advertisements of the 1980s involved a blossoming relationship between Anthony Head and Sharon Maughan over a shared passion coffee, is set to invigorate the category with a 3in1 version of its single serve original formulation.

Combining coffee, whitener and sugar in a single package, it is hoped that the convenient, sweet and creamy tasting coffee will increase the product’s appeal to a wider, younger audience.

Due to hit the shelves in autumn – from the end of September, the Original 3in1 offering is being introduced at a time where the demand for convenient, no-hassle coffee formats is increasing its momentum. Its packaging will be aligned with the rest of the original instant coffee range that has already become so ingrained in consumers’ consciousness, encouraging brand loyalty amidst the onslaught of competing choices.

So as to cater directly for specific distribution channels, the instant coffee sachet will be sold in two different formats – in ten sachet packs for the retail channel at a recommended retail price (RRP) of £1.99 and in single units for the convenience channel, retailing at £0.25 apiece. This flexibility is designed to reinforce consumers’ brand integrity and repeat purchases as well as growing incremental sales and increasing profits, both for retailers as well as the soluble coffee giant itself.

Already available elsewhere in Europe since 2003, the UK launch of the 3in1 instant coffee proposition will be supported through a significant through-the-line campaign, according to the company.