Nigerian coffee production ‘hits zero’


Bar a handful of peaks and troughs, the Nigerian coffee sector has been on a steady downward trajectory since the mid-1960s. From producing nearly 100,000 bags of fresh beans in 1964, the West African country has exported less and less year on year. Hope sprung eternal in the late-1980s and through into the early-1990s when harvests began to rally, but soon the rot set in and the descending path opened up once more.

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Cafe Neo hoping to bring about a new day


Nigeria’s Cafe Neo, founded by Ngozi and Chijoke Dozie, is hoping to be Africa’s version of Starbucks.

Now that’s an ambitious business plan if we’ve ever seen one!

The two brothers are hoping to gain a foothold in all the major cities in Africa and cement themselves as one of the continent’s premier retailers before the usual global giants finally make the leap.

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