Taste The Face


Would you like your face drawing on that?

There are certain chains, that like to write your name (usually spelt wrong) on the side of your morning Latte, it’s a marketing attempt to really ‘connect’ with the customer.

Well, it’s been taken one step further, possibly one step too far, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Meet ‘Barista Bot’ it’s a product dragged out of the sleep deprived (obviously highly caffeinated) minds of the SXSW gadget clan.

The festival that take place in Austin, Texas and celebrates their food trick culture with giant, robotic coffee throwing arms, obviously.

Working similar to a 3D printer the Barista Bot is armed with a small spray gun full of coffee ‘ink’ the process starts when one of the robot’s human barista counterparts takes a shot of an image with a webcam, digitising it first on a nearby computer then the arm goes to work.

So, is it accurate?


It’s an imperfect science (if you want to call it that) for one thing, foam is a really difficult canvas to work on with all the unevenness and the bubbles…it looked a lot like something your 5 year old might make.

Which is cute.

However we can confirm, that Barista Bot in no way changes the flavour of the coffee it’s scrawling on, so we can be greatfull for small mercies.

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