The interactive coffee table

coffee table

One coffee news story caught our attention at this week.

The company has reported on a rather interesting new coffee table, which is produced by Ideum and which could satisfy the needs of computer-loving coffee-drinkers.

We have reported before on aesthetically unusual coffee tables made of all sorts of materials, including the hardboard of a computer.

However, this coffee table is not just for show   it is also to be used.

What is it?

It is a 46 inch touchscreen in the form of a coffee table.

It has many features which will delight the computer savvy   from 60 touch points, Ethernet and Bluetooth capability, plus a variety of ports.

You could use a Blu-ray player if you wanted (included with the table) and also use Windows 8.

If you are a computer specialist and don’t fancy taking what is on offer from the company, you could also buy the system excluding the computer and build up your own, to your own specification.

As well as a gazillion computer bits and pieces, the table is also made of reinforced glass, so that it also works well with its coffee table functions.

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