What should you drink to give you a boost?


If you are after a bit of a pick-me-up or something with a kick, there are a wealth of drinks products on the market which make claims to have the capacity to help you out – especially at this time of year.

When energy levels dip and we are tired or feel under the weather, as we head towards the festive period, many of us could use a bit of a stimulant.

There have been various reports in the press, however, about a recent study which investigated the notion of energy drinks.

It seems that some of the ingredients which are said to have performance boosting properties may not have such a great effect   the ingredients included in this category included ginseng, taurine and guarana.

Conversely, it was discovered that a good helping of caffeine, however, does have the desired effect on cognitive and also physical performance.

It has been suggested that caffeine is the main ingredient to boost performance in these areas, in terms of energy drinks.

A note of warning should be issued   if you want to try energy drinks which include doses of caffeine, make sure that the levels are appropriate.

Apparently, some energy drinks have levels of caffeine which are up to 14 times higher than in other drinks.

As with many things in life   moderation can be a good thing.

As ever, it would be useful to have further research into this matter, to see if any further gems of advice can be issued to help those who need a boost.

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