What would you pay for a cup of coffee?

 coffee and money

Perhaps there is a slightly sarcastic answer on your lips?

The answer must be ‘whatever the coffee shop owner or coffee seller reasonably charges and I agree to pay,’ must surely be the right answer, yes?

In most cases, that is probably correct.

But not in all cases.

In the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, there is a coffee shop called the Dock Café.

This shop is rather unusual and does not do things the way other coffee shops do.

How much does this shop charge for a cup of joe?

Surprisingly, the answer is that this shop will charge whatever the customer thinks that the cup of coffee is worth.

The Dock Café operates a system which uses an honesty box.

As reported by the BBC recently, this café is run by the Docks Church and they have made the policy decision that they will leave it up to their customers to decide what a fair price is for what they consume.

As such, when the clients leave the premises, they are to leave a contribution in the box.

Is this madness? Perhaps not.

The café has tried to work out what the customers have decided is the going rate for a cup of coffee.

Left to their own devices, to determine the price of the beverage, guess what the customers have chosen to pay for their drink?

According to the management of the Dock Café, they have made over one pound ninety five pence per cup.

Not bad, eh?

Photo: Scott Feldstein

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