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There have been various articles recently, noting how cats are an increasingly popular pet.

Perhaps thanks to a cat’s tendency towards independence, perhaps due to working hours and requirements, perhaps due to feline charms, cats are a much loved pet.

So too, can you find plenty of evidence to show the rise and rise of the coffee industry.

Can these two loves of the general public be merged?

The answer, it appears, is ‘yes.’

So what’s the deal?

Inspired by a popular trend in Japan, it seems that the notion of the cat caff is about to be introduced to London.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Lauren Pears from Australia, a cat caff will be opening in May.

What, you might ask, is a cat caff?

It is cafe which fulfils all the usual requirements of an eatery   coffee and other beverages and edible treats.

However, cats are also made available to customers to pet and enjoy.

Particularly in cities, many residents cannot commit to caring for a pet, or are not allowed to have pets in the buildings.

A cat caff would allow customers to enjoy the pleasures of a cat, without the responsibilities and commitment.

So where is this new venture?

At present, it is thought that the cat cafe will be located around the Old Street area.

If you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled.

It should certainly be an novel change when you sip on your favourite cup of joe, to stroke a feline companion.

Photo: Matt Dean Photography

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