How much would you pay for a coffee date?


The answer to this question largely depends on who the coffee date is with, isn’t it?

However, you might be surprised to hear how much has been paid recently in a charity auction for one particular coffee date.

How much was paid at the auction?

A whopping $610,000.

And who was the coffee date to be with?

The CEO of Apple, no less, Tim Cook.

The charity which will benefit from this massive donation is the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights which will, no doubt, be delighted.

The auction took place on the CharityBuzz website and the initial bids were much lower (started at $6,000).

owever, it seems that a coffee with Mr Cook was too much to resist.

Even though the massive $610,000 is paid for the privilege, the expenses do not stop there.

In addition, the successful bidder and friend will have to travel to Apple’s headquarters in California for the rendez vous.

It would be interesting to imagine which other celebrity or high profile figure would raise similarly massive sums for charity.

From time to time, these figures do offer up their time for good causes and to the highest bidder in charity auctions.

So, if money were no limit to you and you were about to attend one of these charity auctions, who would you pay the most to see?

Who would you prefer to go on a coffee date with?

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