Large or Small?


So, which wins your vote, massive corporate chains or little business?

True, the coffee giants do supply the most jobs and there is a reason that they got to where they are now, the quality and the dedication needed to building big business should not be sniffed at.

Who is championing for the little guy/gal?

The independents are finding it hard to go up against multi-million pound industry, certainly true in the case of Choco-Latte, based at Liston Court, Marlow, closed its doors for the final time on Saturday.

Another independent coffee house to bite the dust.

Owner Aimee Hyatt told the Free Press the woes of trying to contend with Waitrose and Coffee Giant Costa she said: “With all the competition in the town and with Waitrose giving free coffee we were finding it difficult to compete.

The independents can survive but not with chains springing up everywhere.”

High business rates, which go to the treasury, were another key factor, she said.

“The rates are abysmal, I think that’s what brings the downfall of all small businesses.”

Speaking of rates, not to forget that Starbucks has only just paid UK corporation tax for the first time since this year 2008.

They graciously announced that it had paid £5 million and will pay a further £5 million later this year,  (fingers crossed hope to die) according to The Huffington Post

Despite making monstrous profits in Britain, Starbucks just ‘forgot’ to pay million pounds worth of tax over a 5 year period.

Not only is this illegal, they will also get away with it.

With big business comes the beneficial pay packet, these companies can afford the calibre of lawyers needed to spinelessly wiggle away from being accountable for their actions.


Unlike poor Aimee Hyatt, who- we are sure if she was to fall £5 being her tax payment then there would be a nesting, stinking red letter awaiting her in the morning.

Who doesn’t have multi-million pound investors, marketing campaigns and an army of staff.

She just worked hard and honest.

Yes, the coffee giants serve good coffee but where is the potentiality for individualism, for variety, for smaller independents to grown and achieve a modicum of success in the shade of these lumbering (corrupt) giants?

So next time you fancy a coffee, don’t just ask yourself which flavour you’d like, ask yourself who really deserves your hard earned money.

The Fat Cat, or the Underdog?

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