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James Murphy teams up with Blue Bottle Coffee

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Well, this is happening.

James Murphy, the former frontman of LCD Soundsystem, has released a signature coffee called House of Good in conjunction with hip American coffee shop Blue Bottle Coffee.

Given that he confessed he was ‘never as tired as when [he’s] waking up’, this news should come as no surprise to followers of the American group who rose to fame with their self-title album and singles such as ‘Losing My Edge’ and ‘Daft Punk Is Playing at My House.’

Murphy, an admitted espresso obsessive, made contact with Blue Bottle Coffee founder James Freeman and the two then hit it off, sampling a few cups of joe on the way.

One thing led to another and then, after plenty of discussion and debate, the House of Good blend was born.

The name comes from a soon to be opened café and retail space that is opening in Brooklyn.

Its taste profile, as laid out on the Blue Bottle Coffee website, states that the blend contains aspects of dried cherry, cocoa and mayer lemon and is ‘a harmony between the voluptuous and the austere’.

This has been a long time coming for the 44-year-old who, when speaking in the documentary chronicling the final few days of LCD Soundsystem’s existence he stated that he wanted to make coffee, whilst making his love for all things espresso abundantly clear.

Speaking to the New York magazine after a screen he said:

‘For my birthday my girlfriend got me a training course with a [barista] world champion. That’s what I’m going to do when I get back to London’ he said, before confirming that he was working on his own espresso blend.’

As for Blue Bottle Coffee, just for how long have Murphy and Freeman been in discussions?

Well, he did admit in that interview that he would only distribute this special blend in a single shop, but when pressed he declined to go any further.

“I can’t talk about that because I’m still in negotiations.”


photo: Niall Kennedy (Flickr) – Used & cropped under Creative Commons

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