7-Eleven To Help Serve Up Starbucks In Taiwan


In their never ending quest of world domination, Starbucks are looking at cracking Taiwan by joining forces with a retailer that’s already established in the country.

Now, on the face of it this might not seem like a new tactic. But the truth is the method they will be using is actually quite innovative and will be the first of its in Asia.

So what sets this scheme apart?

7-Eleven have agreed to sell a range of Starbucks branded products such as cups, bottled beverages, food and coffee in their stores. But instead of this being a licensing agreement between two companies (or indeed 7-Eleven turning some stores into stand-alone Starbucks shops), all the items will be available to buy from official Starbucks counters.

Effectively, it’ll be a shop within a shop.

The first 7-Eleven stores that will see the introduction of a Starbucks counter are those in high profile business locations, major commercial districts and along some of the country’s main transport routes.

According to reports the two companies have been working together for some time in order to minimise disruption yet maximise visual displays. There’s even been talk that Starbucks is aiming to capture the 25-40 year-old demographic.

There is previous between 7-Eleven and Starbucks: Two years ago the two companies teamed up to sell a gift box which proved to be very popular, quickly selling out.

Reports state that Starbucks has previously licensed their some of their Frappuccinos to be sold in the country and that sales have been “rising steadily”

Photo: Mike Mozart (Creative Commons)

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