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Marley Coffee BikeCaffe

If you find it inconvenient to find your way to a coffee shop, but are in the mood for a lovely cup of coffee, you might be interested in the new project of Marley Coffee Jamaica.

In collaboration with its sister company, Jammin Java, this entrepreneurial team have decided to go for a form of franchise of mobile cafes, as reported in the Jamaica Gleaner.

The partnership will involve the aptly-name BikeCaffe Limited.

The idea is that this latter company will produce the bikes together with its own mobile retail network for coffee. Marley Coffee’s involvement is as a franchisee.

How much would it cost to get involved in the operation?

CEO, Balram Vaswani, has gone the record on the subject.

He says that it is necessary to lay down around J$3 million to obtain a BikeCaffe plus a budget for the branded coffee products for the operation, estimated at US$33,000 per bike.

Of course, how much is needed will depend ultimately on the customer demand in the area in question.

Las Vegas already has such bikes as part of a sub-franchise arrangement.

It is hoped that the Caribbean will also benefit from this venture and there are plans to introduce about 15 CaffeBikes to the area over the next year.

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