More Than A Bikini Coffee Shop? Stanton Shop Cited

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Here we have yet another bikini-themed coffee shop that is at the centre of a lawsuit.

We will admit that we thought the trend of scantily clad baristas and their less-than-salubrious managers falling foul of the law had ended. But then again, what do we know?

One popular bikini-and-Vietnamese-themed coffee shop in Stanton, California is at the centre of particularly nasty – and divisive – lawsuit.

In the complaint, it is alleged that GZ Café has become that much of a nuisance, it should be closed unless its owners and staff fall in line with existing city legislation.

The lawsuit, put forward by the city of Stanton, paints a picture of an unruly coffee shop with little regard to health and safety, let alone public decency.

The numerous allegations include: employees exposing themselves, opening beyond permitted business hours, and smoking inside of the café.

A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has stated that police officials cited three separate employees for their behaviour back in January.

GZ Café moved to Stanton from Garden Grove (a neighbouring city in the wider Los Angeles metropolitan area) six months ago. And guess what? They had acquired a large rap sheet in their previous home.

Garden Grove police said that the business received seven formal warnings for nudity and a bunch of other times for various other indiscretions.

“The girls in the front windows, they’ll have bikinis, but once you get to the back, they’ll be fully naked,” one resident, who wished to remain nameless, told ABC.

However, many businesses based near to GZ believe that the café is good for the area and good for local companies.

We feed off each other,” said Richard Hernandez, the owner of a barbershop.

“It has brought us business to our shop, a lot of foot traffic.”

He did admit that there were some issues regarding smoking, but that had since been rectified.

GZ’s attorney, Randal Whitecotton, has moved to dismiss the allegations.

“The owners are doing everything they can to strictly comply with the city of Stanton’s requirements.”

“Normal cover such as bikinis, or shorts and shirts, pretty girls serving drinks to you and that’s it,” she added.

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